My Candy Company is Expanding! **Oklahoma MMJ**

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As some of you may know, i am involved in the Medical and Recreational Marijuana Industry. Five of my friends and I started a new Edibles gummie called Robhots


Today is a big day for us. We are finally ready to expand in other States after several years of work into our home state of Colorado.

Robhots will now be on the shelves all over Oklahoma once this first batch clears the state required testing program.



Our next expansion State is Missouri and its already underway with partnerships and pipelines already forged. Look for them to be for sale sometime in Late 2020 or early next year!


Is there a way you can send me a sample Sir @broncnutz? :D I really needed something for pain and appetiteloss.
But MJ is really a taboo in my country :|

I wish! I think these could really help you.

Hey what's up with Trees dispensary in Engelwood.. I use to get your product there all the time but the last 3 or 4 times I've asked for them they say they're out ...??

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They sell fast, we cant even make them fast enough to meet demand in Colorado. We did have a massive batch held up for 3-4 weeks at the state testing lab before they cleared ot and that made things worse. We should be back to normal now though. We have product if theu want to order.

I'd be willing to swing by and pick them up in person when I get back to Colorado.. ?

i cant sell any direct, you have to buy from a dispensary. its the law....

I'm curious enough to try it, I know there is a Gummi product available in Vancouver if I'm in the area.

Oh im sure there are some around. We should be expanding into Canada soon though hopefully. We got some things in the works.

good luck, bros! ;)

Killer. We are in Oregon and things are going crazy out here.

One day we will have land and such.

I just swapped some hive here to grow and wow. Impressive!!!

land we need for sure... even here on the Balkans...
Greece is already having some greenhouses down in southern Bulgaria and Macedonia is legal too...
Just our country ruling the old mafia style :) suckerz! :D

Those people don't exist man... Lol

actually no :)

But but but...

Congratulations on your expansion!

Lol welcome back we should talk.

Congratulations Sir, although this is illegal in Nigeria.


Be the best

Congratulations bro.. doing good.
Unfortunately this will be illegal in my country. even if it were consumed at somewhere legal and traveled back to Singapore.... if found in the system, it is immediately jail sentence...