Hey Adam Schiff....this is who the whistleblower is you little nerd liar!!

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Adam “Shifty” Schiff is such a liar and it so obvious is actually laughable. Today the “impeachment inquiry “ started against President Trump and it litteraly is fall g apart on the Democrats every single day. I for one am amused at the length they go to try and frame Trump for every little move he makes but, I am even more amused at the willingness of the deep state to pile on more lies and fabrications to try and reverse election results that they don’t agree with.
Take a good look at this man’s face. They won’t mention his name and won’t refeal who this “whistleblower “ that is the centerpiece of the investigation. Anyone with an internet connection and a smart phone knows who the whistleblower is. We know his name, face and the fact he s a deep state holdover from the Barry Satoro (Obama) administration. How is it we all know who this person is, what his motives are and why they have chosen him to be the whistleblower but, no democratic senator or mainstream media personally will even mention his name? Heck, if you say his name on YouTube your video gets taken down within 5 minutes of the posting!
If there is one man on the entire planet that needs punched in the face and then have his teeth repeatedly kicked in it’s Adam Schiff because one good look at him and his body language it’s easy to tell that he is just as big of a compulsive liar as Killary Clinton who is actually more dangerous than Al Capone.

Adam.....his name is Eric Cairamella and everyone knows it. Why do you continue to lie and act like you don’t know who this person is? I sure hope your day of truth comes soon and you are hung for your lies, treason and high crimes. You Mr. Shifty Schiff are a disgrace to humanity and a deep state traitor of the United States. Quit it with the bold face lies!!


I knew he was a democrat, but wow...blue through the bones with this guy.

I was trying to figure out who it was but everyone on social media like youtube and twitter and facebook wont say because of a fear of bans. This is why #steem is great!

You weren't supposed to reveal who the whistle blower is... don't expect a Christmas card from Adam Schiff this year.

yeah, i think he was always want to gorw with democratic. So he bear into his mind always freedom.i like his all activities. But some person hate it actually who are hate him their are not believers of freedom..

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This entire impeachment publicity stunt is a joke, and everyone knows it.

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