Caught my first fish with my new boat. 🤣🤣🤣

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Well here it is yall, the very first fish I caught with my new personal pontoon fishing boat!

Sooo funny it has to be this small but I guess at least we got the first one out of the way. I caught 1 small bass, 2 crappie and a couple of bluegill in about 4 hours but everything was pretty small good pictures to post.

I cant wait to get this thing out in the middle of the Arkansas River and float/fish for about 10 miles. I'll be doing that for sure in the next two weeks so look for that video for sure.

In case you missed the post where I got the is what it looks like.

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Greetings @broncnutz,


It looks like a Sunfish.......and a cutie at that!


Hi @brontnuzt, how are you doing? Wow ... it's great to be fishing with your new boat. It seems like you really enjoy fishing. Fishing can make the mind fresh. It doesn't matter if you just got a small fish. I'm sure you will get a big fish later. Have a nice day, sir.

I'm pretty sure you had a great day out there! At least you've got something! I couldn't make it due to heavy rain here! By the way , you got a nice boat @broncnutz

Was anyone else with you to catch this fish or were you alone.

This is a special type of fishing boat let hope that you will catch some bigger fish next time

A catch is a catch I guess. We all have to start small :)

did you eat it ? whats the taste of that little fish ? 🤭

LOL, perfect

Pretty awesome time to grab some more :D

Lol did it put up a bit of a fight at least? Gotta start with the little fish before going after the big fish am I right? lol call that a warm up

Sounds like the boat is working for you. Some days are just like that, you only catch the small ones. more so if the lake is popular. All the big fish are taken unfortunately. Good luck fishing.

Personal ponthoon boats eh, I will have to look that one up.

Oh, small is relative! You got a great haul! Do you eat them or catch and release? Before you ask, I eat them. :)

Unless of course, they are like babies or grandpa fish.

Anything in between gets smoked or grilled. Great first outing! Good luck on the longer trip and the video should be interesting. ;)


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