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There is so much to say about the current state of South Africa, and although I don't to post about the brutal reality of things happening on this side of the world, I also feel it is important to create awareness of the situation that we are facing. It is a cold hard reality that is greatly overlooked, and it is all blamed on apartheid...

Apartheid is blamed for the current economic state, I mean it cant possibly be a corrupt government that fuels hunger, poverty and joblessness.

Apartheid is blamed for the current genocides occurring, and land expropriations...I mean why take into account that the Zulu people murdered out the indigenous people of Africa long before white South Africans got involved.

Fuck apartheid is even blamed for the drought - because the white people didn't build big enough dams.

But the truth be told - even if any of the above were valid points,does that make everything that is happening now ok?

We are not talking about white farmers being murdered, we are talking about white farmers enduring hours of strenuous torture,brutality and rape before being slaughtered like animals - often hacked to death by mashettis or pangas.

And the best part is that the government fully denies any of this happening - this is the same government that publicly encourages the killing of all whites at every opportunity.

The majority of whites that were able to leave has left, however many of us are left with no such luck nor means to leave this beloved country that we call home.

The video below clearly shows some of these hateful protests that happens on a daily basis in the country.

I realize that it is never fun to watch videos such as these, and it is often frowned apon for people to share such drastic truths because of its upsetting nature, but the thing is, this is no longer just something that someone has shared, it is hitting very close to home. If it was simple murder one might still be able to understand, but the brutality of it goes way beyond anything one could ever expect from any well written horror movie.

A week or so, one of our close friends was tortured hen stabbed multiple times and left for dead. He was lucky, he survived. But he was not the first of my friends that has endured these attacks. two nights ago, a couple that I know was also attacked, the wife was lucky to survive, however her husband shared a different fate. A neighbor of ours was pointlessly tortured for over eight hours before being hacked to pieces with a mashetti. Another close friend of mine was tortured then raped by five men while her 6 year old granddaughter was hiding in the cupboard watching everything play out, later on she was thrown in the trunk of a car and tossed in the river - left for dead - she survived - still want to tell me that this is not hate fueled, and that South African farmers are safe - and still the world denies the fact that this is even happening, because the government is denying it - the same government people that is seen above publicly encouraging these attacks and killings...

I will leave it at that for now.


I am from Canada and I had a long distance relationship with a nice lady from CTown. I believe what you're saying and I get chastised, as you mentioned, for bringing it up.

It's sad to see such blind racism against white people existing in the world just so a marginalized interest group can curate their cognitive dissonance.

I am following you now btw, keep the updates coming and I will upvote as kuch as I can.


There is a lot of space in Canada, if you can travel here (for any reason) then claim you're at risk of violence if you should return to your home country, Canada will give you a citizenship referral on a special program.

I don't think Canada grants asylum to white people.

It's against the interests of the West as being implemented today via Antifa thugs and BLM racists.

You're probably right, but I would suggest looking the immigration infrastructure in South Africa. Would you suggest that South Africa has good immigration practices and 1st world social security? I could stop here, but I will elaborate if you want my first hand experience with English as a Second Language in ZA.

I also have a case study about Fire Fighters from ZA who were paid less than half of what the other international firefighters were paid who came to Fort McMurray Alberta, Canada.

So true, sadly people dont want to face things like this until it stands on their back door - the problem is that this is not contained measures, and this behavior is already flowing over into international borders.

I just wish that people wakes up before it stands at their back door - because believe me, and I am talking out of first hand encounters, it is not a beast that you would wish upon the ones you love.

I have considered moving, but the problem is, what do I do when I get there LOL
I am a simple farm girl by heart...

Agriculture is the largest industry in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. You may be surprised at what skills you have, your resume works here too.

I also forgot to share this last night, it was late.

Australia has your back it seems.

Nope - the are still denying it.

I wont waste my time with Canada, 100% we deny it if we deny genocide that happened here.

Its unreal how perplexing this situation is due to political correctness. It's just q proacceptance culture that let's this shit go unnoticed because they are scared to chastise people for their beliefs.

Just know I always support the farmers and I will have your back here on Hive.

@indigoocean and all her pals probably deny this too, I got downvoted for a post I had about leaving the city during the Black Lives Matter protests.

Unlike others I will call these loosers out and accuse them of their misanthropy that harms the world around them.

Downvote me some more if you want, it's just showing how bias you are if you cant see both sides of every story. It seems she hasn't been posting since I started commenting on her comments about her bias, lol cant look in the mirror like the other unbelievers.

Oh my god, the chills run down my spine just reading this. What should it be like to live there? I can't imagine the fear you will carry with you 24 hours a day. Make sure you stay safe @breezin!

I try my best @hetty-rowan, just wish I could get away from it all, but the rest of the world doesn't seem much better off

I wish you and your family got out years ago.

I tried.

Try again, please.


working on it my friend, but it is not an easy process...

So what are you going to do? Get heavy arms and defense mechanisms?

ha, any talk of defense and we are called racist and accused of wanting a war... Fun times I tell you

That's dark