Creatures and Critters on My Morning Stroll Through the Garden

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I simply love making time in the mornings before the pressure of the day kicks in, to walk around and simply appreciate my surroundings, while trying to be in the present in stead of being focused on what needs to get done. Being aware of the smaller things on your land can be just as important as knowing what and when to plant, because it gives you a direct indication of the health of your ecosystem.
As the seasons change, so does the creatures and critters that move about in your space, some insects complete their transition from larvae to adult at different times of the year, while others that existed below the surface will emerge as the weather patterns start changing.

Here are a few of the creatures and critters that I happened across on this mornings walk:


The Shongololo

Also known as the Giant African Milipede, was one of the first I came across, this lovely little carnivore is great to have around the garden, however they do carry mites on there exoskeleton that could be harmful to certain crops, all and all however, they do a lot more good than damage, and seeing them active above ground somehow always instills some hope that rains might be near.

Amazing to think that these creatures can live up to ten years isn't it.

Archispirostreptus gigas, known as the giant African millipede or shongololo, is the largest extant species of millipede, growing up to 33.5 centimetres in length, 67 millimetres in circumference. ~ [source] (


The Banana Spider

This was another lovely encounter, the banana spider closely related to the golden orb spider is a wonderfully beneficial insect to have around, as it will feast on many other unwanted insects around the house and garden. This one was not the biggest I have seen in my years, but it's still quite impressive in size, I am guessing it would measure up to two inches including the leg span.


Chevron Beetle

This little fellow, I found on one of my strawberry plants, I haven't been able to identify it yet, but because of the gorgeous red Chevron markings on its back, I have decided to call it a Chevron beetle for now (so don't quote me on that)
It didn't look like this bug was snacking on any of the plant materials, so I am going to go with the possibility that this little beetle might just be a carnivore, which just made me realize, that everything on this list is carnivorous...


Tropical House Gecko

And then of course, on my way back in, I came across this tiny little guy, a freshly hatched tropical house Gecko. Still translucent in appearance, this fellow is still at a very vulnerable phase of his life, but at the same time, they serve as a good natural pest control from the first day they hatch, and I am always eager spotting them in and around the house.

Taking journey out to the garden always proves fascinating, if you look in the right places.


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Aww, that's one adorable gecko. LOL Its good to have some reptiles around to take care of slugs and other insects.

It sure is, I love having them around. Living here on the farm is like living inside a terrarium, its amazing...

Thanks for stopping by