Issues claiming rewards on Steem Engine ?

in palnet •  8 months ago 

Hello Folks,

Anyone who is active on Steemit might be well aware about Steem Engine and the tokens on Steem Engine. #Palnet, #SteemLeo, #Battle , #Spt tokens will not be an exception to this. I have been actively trading/stacking/earning these tokens as I belive they are adding great value to the block chain.

While using the Steem engine platform I am facing a weird issue. This is how you get notifications of newly available rewards which are ready to be claimed.

Clicking on rewards bring you to the following page.

However when I click on claim, it prompts me to validate the transaction using Steem Connect. The transaction gets published to the block chain successfully.

Further I get the following window where I click Transaction Sent.

But still the rewards remain in unclaimed state. I have to claim the same reward 5-6 times after which the notification disappears.

Has anyone noticed similar behavior ? Is it something I am doing wrong ?

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Likewise when I claim my rewards earlier It cost me 5 times to redeem the rewards.

I think there is a lag in it. I claimed them and waited for half hour. And they were claimed.

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