A Barrel Full Of Monkey's

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Okay.. Maybe No Monkeys ..

And who knows what's in those barrels, but they made for some really cool photos. Hey! It's Friday and I could really use a barrel full of Monkey's or I guess just a barrel full of laughs would do. I found these barrels all lined up, stacked together, and placed here and there. Someone was working very hard organizing them in neat little and not so little piles. I again chose to shoot them in Black and White for a more dramatic feel. The original barrels are redish in color with grey/black lids.


This shot above, apears that I took the photo looking down on those barrels, when in fact they are laying on their sides. The fact that they are not brand new, or all the exact same shade, adds to the interest of the frame. Below you will see a photograph I took from a little further back. The sky was overcast and the ground a light gray pavement material, so it is still a little difficult to gain an actual perspective.


A few steps away, sat a huge field of these barrels. I thought I would be able to rattle off a bunch more shots, but it seemed to me that there was really not many interesting angles to shoot except for this one. I could of gone a little macro on a barrel or lid, but decided not to. Anyhow, it's Friday and no one wants to read a lengthy post today! haha.


This one last picture is actually from my last post on pealing paint. It contained the same barrels, so i decided to go ahead and throw it in here too! They are sitting next to a few shipping containers. They appear to be empty but are still rather heavy.


I asked a worker what was in them and he said "pimientos".. Which I think is peppers in Spanish. He then laughed and said "caliente!"
multiple times as he walked away into the distance..


Thank you for swinging by my blog and checking out the post. Have a great day!



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They don't know anything about this crazy world we live in. They just know I love them and that's good enough!



Great title! Fab photo! Have a great weekend! 🙂

Thanks @felt.buzz. I try my best :-)

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They do look more dramatic in B&W for sure. Is there a thief in each one of those barrels, like in Ali Baba`s story? Have a nice weekend!

Hahahaha.. Didn't think about that! Good Point!! Hey.. Wheres my wallet??? lol.
Have a great end to your weekend :-)

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Thank you luv bug :-) The support is very appreciated.

Congratulations. Today's #monomad third place is yours. Thank You very much for participating.

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Wow.. what a cool surprise! Thank you :-)

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