Which Photo should @despero-narciso use to paint a PORTRAIT OF ME!!???

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as you can see Im VERY EXCITED to be having my portrait painted! For those of you who don't know his work, go and check out the paintings of @despero-narciso . He is awesome! And I am one of the lucky winners of his portrait competition so soon my beautiful face will be immortalised FOREVER in his uniquely brilliant style..... BUT WHICH ONE???
He asked for my hands to be involved because he loves painting hands....and this led me to think that I should have the piano involved, since thats something I like to use my hands for! So we did a little photo shoot :D :D
Lets have a look at the contenders:

  1. Help! Ive forgotten how to play!
    This encapsulates that feeling I get a lot when I tell another musician that I play piano and theyre like 'oh cool, hey why don't you jam with me' and my whole being screams with fear because I really only know how to play the stuff I practise....

  2. Heres one I wrote earlier...
    Now you can see I am trying to distract the other musician with something I wrote myself, briefly convincing them that I might be a semi-accomplished player

  3. Now I will claw you to death!
    At this point, I finally have the other musician where I want them and I decide to go in for the kill so that none shall ever discover my glaring inabilities

  4. Knock Knock! Is that the police?
    Anyone who has ever killed a musician before will know you can get a bit edgy when the door knocks or the phone rings. This photo sums up that sense of imminent disaster, and the creative thought process that immediately begins. How will I talk myself out of this one? Where can I hide? If only that shoebox was a bit bigger.....

Hopefully one of these is inspiring enough for @despero-narciso to want to use...or maybe he can stitch a few elements of them together...? Either way, Im sure your opinions might have an impact on his decision so feel free to go ahead and influence his decision! Also, if you have any other ideas Im always game for a photo shoot....but let me know quick because once an artist begins he MUST NOT BE DISTURBED!

Im SO looking forward to seeing what he does : )
Bon Soir Mon Steemy Amis
Basil x x


Now I will claw you to death!!!
That looks like quintessential Basil to me.

yeah you could be right, I also like the little bits of wierd flesh popping out underneath my eye....that could make for some fun extra texture when he's painting it!

I can't wait to see it!
It seems like you will end up looking like a super-villain :D

I think #2 would make for an awesome painting

hey jeff! nice to see ya! and yes, no.2 would make a fine portrait. Although it would take some masterly expertise not to make it look like I have tiny arms.... but if anyone can do it @despero-narciso can!

@despero-narciso definitely makes some awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing with us. Can't wait to see the finished product!

All good, but like number 3. I'm expecting awesome results based on what he is posting.

i know...im so hyped for it!

Hi Basil - all groovy pics.

They are crying out to be turned into an animated gif....

please be my guest.... that could be fun! In fact I have more....

Never made one in my life - way beyond my technical range.

They only had hand drawn flipbooks back in my day 😀


Haha his painting are amazing and so are your expressions, hard time choosing between them tbh! I'm pretty fond of #2!

ooh, thats a second vote for 2! I think he has already made up his mind which one he wants to do now.... but he's keeping it secret!

Hey friend, sorry for my delay!
I love strength and expression. I think I already have my favorite. please send them to me

ive emailed them over ;)