(WATCH NOW) New Year, New Studio, New Weirdness - NEW MUSIC + VIDEO

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Hey Steemies. Happy 2020's to you all. Me and @sazzler have been busy scratching together a new studio in our workshop.... its mostly made up of other peoples cool stuff that we've shoved in to a scrubby old garage, but it FEELS NEW and thats what counts!
workshop wires.jpg
So our new years resolution is to facilitate awesome collaborations between all the talented people we know with our own uniquely irreverent style which we refer to as.... POSTBEAT!
What does that mean?
It means whatever we like, and whenever we deem it appropriate. It means Creating sporadic imperfectionist masterpieces without caring too much about why or how it turns out like it does. It doesn't matter. The main thing is: We Enjoy Ourselves, and express ourselves, and laugh at ourselves, and love ourselves and have COURAGE to produce whatever we like. It will often be wierd. It will sometimes be beautiful! There is almost always humour..... but its also a quazi-spiritual creative quest to manifest our dreams, no matter how obscure. It is a chance to feed the creative beast
and give it the wings that it needs to fly high above the crumbling ruins of society. So anyway....

We started by recording some music and making a very lo-fi video of us going shopping in our local supermarket. Have a watch if you like....but remember! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!!!

Mr. @ewanduffus joining us there with much of his musical mastery and his ultra-postbeat presence in the Aisles. Also the Inevitable T who's philanthropy has seen much of this studio come together, and without whom, we would all be lost in the folds of a dusty carpet eating spam from off of a cheese knife.

Theres is much more happening, so stay tuned for more Postbeat expulsions
x x
Massive love
Basil (high priest of the popcorn roundabout)


The main thing is: We Enjoy Ourselves, and express ourselves, and laugh at ourselves, and love ourselves and have COURAGE to produce whatever we like.

Love it! What a wonderful sentiment for a New Year and a New Decade. 💙

Exactly our thoughts Gillian! Happy new decade to you x x : )

I love your philosophy to the kind of work you’re doing.

I need to adopt the same!

dude. ANYTIME you want to join us for some creativity in Norfolk, you would be totally welcome! Or even if you want to contribute some cool imagery from where you are....! Lord knows we could use someone who can actually work a camera! haha

good work my little chieftain. Keep on popping!

Yay this is fun! I wish you guys a happy and creative new year!

Yay this is fun! I
Wish you guys a happy and
Creative new year!

                 - juliakponsford

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

nice haiku Julia! straight to the point, and totally positive! hehe. also congratulations on your deranged snowman win. sheer class x

Have fun with your toys. You are very creative folk and I'm sure cool things will come out.

thankyou Steev. Cool things this way come!!!!! LOOK OUT!

heck yeah, a postbeat masterpiece. I hope the new year brings a ton of musical and visual creativity and collaboration. This is a great little video :)

thanks Carl. That is the plan. Big time! I hope to be putting plenty of it on the blockchain, Im just crossing my fingers that this inspiration lasts more than five minutes! Historically Im a bit inconsistent...but it feels a bit different this decade!

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