*ACTOR DIARIES* I star in 2 short films showing at Norwich Film Festival tomorrow

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This is what you wait for! The big screen! All those long months of waiting in between projects, long weeks of preparation and anticipation when you finally get a role, long LONG days of shooting, and of course, the 10 or so very quick minutes where you actually get to do something.....ALL THIS in the hopeful plight to some day be up on the big screen at multiplex screens all around the world! ....or in this case, the conference screen underneath Norwich Forum..... but hell, beggars can't be choosers right? Tomorrow is a special day for me, when live audiences will sit in front of TWO films that I performed in (I don't think that has happened before, not in the same day, on the same big screen!) and get this! I CANT EVEN BE THERE!!!??? HAHA the cruel joke of it all! Sometimes you just wonder don't you? Anyway.... on to the screenings:

At 3:30 will be Paul is Dead as part of the Emerging Talent selection. You can find out all about that in my recent blog post and even watch it online, so if you're a Beatles fan and you like a bit of comedy and even a bit of conspiracy.... this one is definitely worth checking out. It recently made the final shortlist for BIFA Best British Short so its developed a surprising amount of support for a student project. Director George Moore is DEFINITELY one to watch!
MY BLOG: https://steemit.com/creativecoin/@basilmarples/actor-diaries-we-made-the-longlist-for-best-british-short-with-paul-is-dead
EMERGING TALENT SELECTION: https://www.norwichfilmfestival.co.uk/events/2019-events/shorts-emerging-talent/?fbclid=IwAR097J53yxbmsoWaGsT7qW4ZGRFJqe40l4e07fO__MbPJPw8Shrp01v-h04

Then at 5:30 will be the East Anglian Selection where you can see local film makers work including E.N.S. (Embarrassing Name Syndrome) Starring myself and Carolyn Goodyear (who also wrote and directed it). Its a quirky comedy/mocumentary set in a self help group and contains some VERY SILLY humour and some very awkward characters. I play Mike - a nervous, beardy, sweater-wearing 'sufferer' with a profuse sweating problem. It was great fun to play, and I won't say much more about it at this point because I hope to be able to share it with you all one day when its available online.
EAST ANGLIAN SELECTION: https://www.norwichfilmfestival.co.uk/events/2019-events/the-east-anglian-collection-18-sponsored-by-the-uea/

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Congrats @basilmarples! That's big time. I've seen Paul is dead. Looking forward to seeing the other one. I'm sure you'll break through on the big. BIG screen too after this. You're one of the funniest and most talented people I know, so that's a given. Much love from sunny Thailand where I'm still enjoying some after Steemfest chill with a few Steemians. Wish you were here.

o my goodness, I wish I was there with you! That would be soooooo nice right now. massive love to all the the sunny steemies (if you're still there!) x x p.s. thanks for the vote of confidence :) you make me feel awesome!

I wish you would have been there too, it was the best one yet! You would have had the best time. We just got home today and to be honest, I feel homesick (or really sick, from the crappy food they served us in London airport). It was so lovely and the food...man. Mango juice every day and veggies...this food here is pure crap. LOL.

But yeah, next year you'll be a world famous actor and then you'll have to be there :)

haha. Exactly! Oh man... I am crying for some frsh mango juice on a beach right now....

Cool congrats on appearing on the silver screen not once but twice! I have acted in several micro budget films and it was always a ton of fun to finally see it up on the big screen. Cheers

really Carlos? I had no idea! Any cheeky links....? ;p

Well, Spidertron was a lot of fun :)


Stardom surely awaits you. I'm sure some big-shot director will see these and wan to hire you.

That would be extraordinarily exciting.... I would probably have a panic attack and have to stay in bed eating jelly and icecream for a month

Is that how you prepare for a role?

haha. eeevery time

Congratulations Basil, the big time beckons...

on one side, the big time, on the other, the endless void, always beckoning! We walk the knife edge in between (its the safest place to be!)

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