ORIGINAL SONG - 'Some People' by Al Southgate - Live from the Postbeat Workshop

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Hey you Talent-Hungry Steemcakes! If you need some beautiful musical entertainment direct from the Postbeat Workshop then THIS is the track for you! Check out the lovely Al Southgate;

You wouldn't know it but this trio only met each other about an hour before recording this track, such is the talent of these masterly mercenaries! Al Southgate rolled in from storm Dennis, windswept and ready for pastries, followed closely by The Healer with his Bass of Redemption and a right mind to use it and Mr D was waiting for them in the shadows like the Vulture of Keys. After a few razor sharp pleasantries, he went straight in for the kill, laying down some chords for a secret jam that you can only hear if you support us on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/so_postbeat
After that it was Al's turn to pipe up with this gorgeous original song and after the briefest of structural discussions (made up mostly of nose whistles and elaborate hand signals), they dived straight in to this heart melting recording. We didn't risk the mic for fear of feedback so Al had to lay down his silky vocal track afterwards, but that just gave Shyboy B another excuse to mash two bits of footage together and get red everywhere. We so dearly hope that you enjoy this and you can hear more of Al Southgate and buy his tracks on bandcamp: https://alsouthgate.bandcamp.com/

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I know this Talent Showcase community is getting off to a slow start...but then....that was always likely with ME at the helm. Inconsistent is my middle name. But one day..... ONE DAY! This will be the mega-unstoppa-tropolis steemy community where all the greatest performers in the steemisphere will gather to entertain you 24/7/365

STAY TUNED (and please don't be shy, post things! don't worry, I will do some terrible ones sooner or later to try to break the ice....)

Ultimate Joy Fountains for all of you


He really has a beautiful voice! That is pretty amazing that the musicians had all just met, they have a great feel together.

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I know right? I was totally buzzing after we finished... it felt so good to have put them all together!

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awesome, thanks for the invite carlos....how do I request curator role? Ive always been terrible at discord and everytime I open it things start beeping and my brain immediately fries

oh wait no, I just read the intro.... panic over

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