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RE: Friends of Gondor - Weekly Update 135: Broke The Streak, And Will Be Not As Regular As Life Catches Up

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Family first, then other things, and then on-line hobbies. Life does still flow and important things happen and need tending, I don't mind, and I am sure others don't either. I'll still try to remember to drop a hive every week to help the cause.


Thanks Bash, I appreciate that. I do agree that life moves on, but its definitely nice to hear words such as yours that give me confidence I can focus on a few other things right now and not worry letting others down! I hope you are enjoying the switch to fall, and that everything is going well with you and your family!!!

All the leaves have almost fallen, it comes and goes so fast up here in Alaska, so far not a bad Fall at all, only a couple of frosty days so far.