When Being Too Nice Is Bad For Your Health!

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They say nice guys finish last! Last at what exactly.This expression mostly refers to guys who acts gentlemanly around Ladies.

What this means is that the guys never gets lucky with the ladies they admire rather they are taken advantage of which ever way is convenient for them at the time.

It is no surprise that most ladies prefer the bad boys to the nice guys as the bad boys are more adventurous,daring and an overall fun to be around with up until the time they are ready to settle down then those qualities are surplus to requirement.

From the female angle.Being nice can be misconstrued by some guys to signal availability and this can brew hostility when advances are rebuffed with egos bruised.

Sadly this is what ladies face in a male dominated environment and it takes intelligence and levelheadedness to navigate the minefields of unsolicited and unwelcome advances by the male sex while still trying to keep it professional.

Personally I think being too nice can be very expensive especially when it is compulsive. It is expensive emotionally, financially and can be physically draining.

Learning to know when to dial back on the niceties is a good trait to have especially when our mental/physical health, account balance and emotional state is concerned.

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Yeah this is a real issue.

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Yeah bro @bigtakosensei. Thanks for dropping by ;)

I love bad boys,don't get me wrong I love good guys too

Lol in summary you want the best of both worlds

Good write up.

I am a nice person