Something to Code For...

in #palnet4 months ago

This past few days I have been having a series of great ideas and they usually come when I am in a quite place free from all sorts of distractions.

They have been developing rather nicely.It is an idea I hope will come to life on the hive blockchain in the nearest future so you guys keep an eye out for it here on this space.

It has made me seen the importance of Coding and its relevance to the blockchain space. Hopefully I can become a Master Coder in the future so I can be more creatively expressive with ideas that originates out of my mind.

Looking forward to where they take me and I hope it really does make a difference when it does go LIVE..

Have a lovely day Hiveans.
Thanks for reading


So you are Software developers.

@face2face.Just recently started learning Coding and am pretty serious about it.Hopefully I will go the distance