Alone Time.

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I find that tuning out all the noise from around us,taking a short break from family and friends usually boosts our thought process with the end result of boosting our productivity and creativity.

Its like watching your mind on TV,once you clear out all the distractions,the static disappears and the image bevomes much clearer.Scientists,Artists,Writers even entrepreneurs usually disconnect from Society so that they can use this period to recharge themselves in nature as well as source for ideas and nspirations in solitude.

In this quiet solitude they can better hear themselves think and if they are lucky emough canbunlock an original idea/thought.Maybe even find the missing pieces to that jigsaw puzzle in business or in life that has eluded them for so long.

Its probably the reason why some people have A Study in their homes as it probably like a sanctuary to them.

Still nothing beats going on nature trips to reconnect with self along with enjoying the bounties of nature.

Thanks for reading.