No, Slander and Defamatory Remarks are not Criticism

in #palnetlast year (edited)

These fucks think they are really doing everyone a favor by spreading FUD and concocting stories of collusion and fraud. They claim that they have been attacked by my last post, basically saying with that, that confronting their FUD is essentially no different from attacking them.

I told these fucks, don't let me stop you, if you truly believe that you are doing something good then keep it up.

If you think that slandering, aka making false statements regarding steem, steemit, or stakeholders large and small, is just valid critique then don't let me stop you. Carry on, and the same for articulating others intentions and making disparaging remarks or implications regarding their abilities, if you think defaming the stakeholders, development and the community is simply valid criticism then more power to you.

No, no one wants you to leave this place @arthur.grafo, I'm only curious why you continue to come to a place that you despise, among people who you find completely, utterly despicable, or as you characterized, as liars attempting to make everyone OK with their voluminous slandering/lying. Why do you persist to show up to such a place? Do you get some sick satisfaction from vomiting FUD among the place that people cherish, people who you despise? Is it because you can rest assured that other idiots will support you, that supporting the slandering of the people that develop and those who own stake in this place is no different than supporting any other author, that it's of no consequence to use a slanderous post to further your hare brain theories regarding others intentions and that when challenged for such acts, you can simply call me a socialist, and attempt to attack my character, after you try to say that me daring to question why you're still here is nothing but an emotional argument. How effortless it is to FUD, how easy it is to make fun of my name, call me a sheep and attack my character, making disparaging remarks about my abilities, because you wouldn't stoop so low as to use "emotional arguments", nah, you'd never jump at the chance to spit on another, or to throw dirt on someone's good name.


I threw some flags his way for ya! Fud spreaders lol my favorite! learning how to be that first follower to try and turn you outta that lone nut! lol

Yo! Are y'all flooded?!

Yeah we had a bit of water in the house but we're good.