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RE: PoB is not Happening Here [/fullstop]

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I don't agree with everything here but this was a really thoughtful write up. I'm gonna chew on this a bit.

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Thanks @anthonyadavisii! After watching the video about
the wisdom of the crowd, do you think we actually have it?
Is it possible we are just pretending or have been gaslit?

Anthony's about half way up the hill. When he reaches the top he's just hoping everything stated above isn't a reality and he doesn't find himself on a study decline downward on the other side.

Translation: He's already passed gas; he still waiting to be lit.

(He's actually a likable even handed person but hey there's also the realities)

I'm gonna chew on this a bit.

Translation: Ain't shit I can do about it even if I wanted to.

Somebody had her Snarkios this morning. 🥣 J/k :P

I did watch some of the video but a transcript would help. It's an important topic to discuss @sunlit7 and deserves focused attention.

I'm a bit backlogged after getting back from SteemFest so hopefully I can muster some time and energy to properly understand the arguments and reflect accordingly.

I still have a few other comments to respond to as well including yours. Thanks for reminding me!

Somebody had her Snarkios this morning. 🥣 J/k :P

Lol, you are so good natured.