Binance launches their NFT platform

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The program will launch in July, and Binance clients will use the same account for the exchange and for the NFT market.

Binance, the biggest crypto exchange, will enter the non-fungible token market and launches their own platform for NFTs.

The company has announced 2 days ago the new platform, Binance NFT, a platform that will start operating in July.

The Binance platform is proposing on having little to no costs for transactions, according to Helen Hai, NFT Binance CEO.

The new NFT market and their products will be available for Binance clients, because the platform and the exchange use the same accounts.

According to the announcement, Binance NFT will launch 2 categories. NFT Marketplace, a platform available to everyone with a 1% tax, and the second for premium events, which will have exclusive collaborations, and with a 10% tax.


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