Guys, your chance to earn Steem is dwindling. Get back to writing!

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Ok, hear me out. The amount of Steem you're going to earn is very likely to go down. My favorite hedgefund is managed by a dude named Willy Woo who is an Austrailian. His fund is called Adaptive Fund. He doesn't read tea leaves like technical analysts like to do by inspecting chart formations and anticipating moves because of them. He uses the power of blockchain to determine his investments. He can study on chain volume between accounts, which is publicly accessible data, to determine where money is flowing and how much of it is flowing from old wallets, new wallets, and when people's behavior is shifting.

He and his firm went long on BTC a week ago because his on chain data of large scale investor fund movement supported that decision. This is crazy bullish to me because the market for BTC is still dealing with 500 tokens a day from the plus token scam and we have 1800 tokens a day from BTC mining. That's all sell pressure, and price is still keeping pace and climbing.

Bitcoin is roughly $9k. So if there's 2300 tokens for sale per day from just those two categories then there's 20.7M dollars a day coming into btc to push price up and hold it there. In may it'll drop to 900 tokens sold per day from those two sources. So, that's 8.1M. But the people going long will assume there isn't much that's going to alter the inflows, which means the $12M dollars a day will still be coming in, but with no new BTC to supply the market it'll simply push the price up. That's bullish!

We've seen this pattern skip alts. The last push skipped alts, but it looks like this one is hitting all of them, and Steem is doing pretty good. We're up higher than top 10 coins like Litecoin for the week. Thanks Koreans!!!

I'm not surprised by this at all. First, markets are designed such that large professional investors beat down prices to accumulate, and raise them to sell later. So, from a market perspective that's what I think is playing out. I also think there are technological and fundamental reasons Steem will do well.

I may be in the minority of thought but Steem solves a lot of problems really well. We need growth, but not in Ram. Thanks Mira. We need a way to promote what we're doing. Thanks blogging platform. We need a way to inexpensively make tools here. Thanks custom json. We want to know who we are doing business with. Thanks human readable account names. We're really well poised. We have a very large community. They're a little dormant now, but they're not dead. They'll come back in droves to play Steem when the price is high. I'll revisit my madlib soon to help them all out.

We can scale. Competitors like Eth and Eos seem to have some issues with that. We offer free transactions. It seems like blockchain transaction fees hurt real use cases like gaming because players don't like the idea of spending 6 cents for every action they want to take. We have real apps that real people use like steemit, dtube, 3speak, Steemhunt, and Splinterlands. I suspect they'll grow very strongly during this run.

Steem up amount of Steem down.

The good news is that the price of Steem looks ready to go on a tear. The bad news is that when the price of Steem goes up you earn less of it. The overall value of what you hold is likely to go up, you'll be getting less Steem. In a bull run you want as much Steem as possible since there's some funky patterns at play. the more steem you have the easier it is to get followers and thus get votes. So, getting in now is great. But as you're earning and your stake is growing during a bull run it's also increasing in value every day. So, the more you can get earlier in the process will benefit you throughout the full run!

So, for all the people who stopped posting during the Bear you've been missing out and you're going to keep missing out. The Steem you earned when it was 10 cents, when you could earn a lot of it looks poised to go on a full bull run. We hit 20 cent steem this week. The amount of Steem you'll earn is literally cut in half when that happens.

Who knows what it will be worth. I bet yabapmatt a nice dinner we'd hit $10/steem again before May of 22 (2 years after the halvening). That said, My own price targets are substantially higher than that. i think that's an easy bet for me to win.

But every time Steem advances what you had goes up, and the value of each steem that you previously held goes up, but the amount of Steem you earn goes down. So, when it's low like this is your best chance to accumulate it. Write stories, tell your friends, get people doing this NOW so that you're in the best position possible to take advantage of high Steem prices.

You don't want to have build at $10/steem. There will be too much competition. If you can grow your audience now you'll have a much better chance to make a reasonable wage by social mediaing here as part of your social media experience.

Lastly, you don't have to make Steem the only thing you're doing. If you're trying to gain influence in the space this is just one stop along the way. Post to youtube, use twitter, and leave your thoughts on the Steem blockchain.

Lastly, this isn't meant to be financial advice. I don't know you or your circumstances. So, I can't tell you if you should be selling your house for monsters, or paying off your debts so you can eat next week. This is meant to remind you that you should be posting. Play the Steem game and stop waiting.

You should have stayed posting, but you need to get back into it now. Yes Steem is 15-20 cents today, and your wage is only like $5 an hour right now, but with a little patience it'll kick the shit out of anything else you could possibly do with your time, and you can capture that now and spend later. Future you will thank me.


your wage is only like $5 an hour right now

If only that were so I might not have stopped posting! 😂

Very true. What I earn from steem hardly cover s for my data expenses. That's why some third world country members stopped posting. At a. Point, it seemed not important with little or no real life wngagements

Yeah. The reduction in real life engagement was a big influence in my reducing and then stopping posting @tj4real. Most of the people I had regular "conversations" with are no longer here. And now I'm one of them. 😂


Hahahahahahahaha. Sigh.


Many people done that. Most of the people are doing this for the money. I do not blame them. The problem is the bad marketing of Steemit. Steemit is marketed with the money earning opportunity. If the people would be more active (use the platform in a natural way), regardless of the price of Steem, then maybe that would be better for the whole blockchain. Millions are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and they cannot expect even a single cent from those websites. The Steem blockchain has two huge advantages over these websites.
For example the freedom of speech (absolutely no censorship), preserving information. Everything you post to the Steem blockchain will remain there as long as the Steem blockchain exists.

You nailed it @xplosive your your comment.

The problem is the bad marketing of Steemit. Steemit is marketed with the money earning opportunity

so bloody true

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Igave this comment roughly a dollar upvote. So, you likely just made $60/hr for this!


Works for me. Ta! 😂

Funny, I just met a random Aussie who had been advised to buy Steem recently and did so.
Next day the price is up 50%!

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@apshamilton just said the exact same thing.

Yeah... 5 dollars an hour would be nice. I'm lucky to make anything more than my own .01 vote on whatever I post.

Your last post was 9 months ago??

I never said I was that active :P Though I suppose I could make a more recent post but it seems like the effort involved wouldn't justify the rewards. The exaggeration was meant to illustrate that even while steem was at record highs 5 dollars an hour wasn't the norm and I even had a few high SP friends at that time.

2000 sp delegation to bots like @ocdb or @tipu or would give you around 0.5 steem per day. Just saying ;)

When smartsteem was transparent in their layout and ROI scheme... at least to my novice opinion.. I enjoyed delegating to @therealwolf I believe his name is

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I've posted daily for 3+ years. I made like a penny a post the first 6 months, than like a dollar for some time (excluding the 2017/2018 bubble) and then $2-4 and just finally after all that time am doing $7-8 in the last couple months. It's all relative man.

Count steem, not dollars and you'll see that there's not as much of a difference in rewards.

Truth! I was more so making a point for the gent that hadn't posted in a while. ;-)

You hit the nail on the head. The bull is certainly going to bring in more people which means the reward pool will be spread over more posts. Plus, I think SMTs are going to be adopted which means there will be a lot people earning minimal amounts of STEEM in rewards. Although not of great impact individually, if there are a couple hundred thousands taking .01-.05, that all adds up.

The SMTs are going to see SE but on a larger scale in my opinion. SE was the test case which provide the tribe (community) idea is viable.

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I think they'll both do well. it depends on the use case.

I think tribes favors organized businesses where as SMTs are basically for anyone just screwin' around.

With a tribe you have your own domain and control of the website. For most SMTs you'll just be using So, if you manage a millenial trans furry history group then SMTs are the spot you'll want to be. If you're managing a brand I think Tribes make more sense. All that said i still imagine people will get both. Some ease of use for posting as an SMT and ease of use for trading as a SE token.

Steem-Engine smart contracts will continue to have a lot of use! I trust your team has all sorts of ideas up your sleeves, like the recently released NFT's!

STEEM can support so much great activity, that customjson layer is great, fast, free.... I wouldn't be surprised if we see even more STEEM sub-protocols by the 2022 date you mention.

For 2020 I am building '#STEEM-as-a-service' - keep building!

More actively voting Steem and more competing posts will mean less Steem per post, sure. But not $0.20 Steem = half the number of Steem... Not unless your payouts are the same. It's not directly correlative like that. I assume you know, but ... That's what it reads like.

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I am at it. Besides this it feels nice to be/have been one of the few content creators during these slow years.

I agree 100% brotha! I remember $3 Steem and how little Steem that actually was on posts.. So like you said with Steem at $0.10 - $0.15 cents, each post even just a few dollars will still get you 10 - 20 Steem each or more! Which if you think of Steem at $10 (I also agree and even said yesterday seemed like an easy target for Steem, and this is not financial advice either just my own opinion) that is $100 - $200 per post!!

For the past year or so I had the same mindset, and like you mentioned I tried to get as many $1+ posts for this exact reason, because if I could earn just 10 Steem per day for a whole year and Steem went to $10 in theory I made $36,500 that year if I hodl!

However I still get a better roi myself by playing Splinterlands, and just with DEC I earn from battles I can get 10+ Steem per day! So for now I am super excited about Steem AND Splinterlands!! Especially with all of the new marketing on TMC! Exciting times for sure, and I’m glad you feel the same way I do about all of this! 🤘😝

I also think this relates to a question I asked on a post by @stackin last night..


Which I tried to go on the exchanges and get an idea but was not able to see all of the listings for that much Steem. 🤔

I don't think we have that much liquidity in the market to cover that kind of investment. It will also moon the Steem price in one day :)

Depends how they do it. If they lay a sell wall it could get filled over time. If they just buy 1 million dollars from the order books.....big money usually doesn't waste it....

A nice big fat fingered market order would be nice to see on the chart lol

I agree with everything you said. I said it multiple times, most here on the STEEM chain has got it backwards. They temp leave and/or stop posting content when the STEEM price is low and then create content in hurdles when the STEEM price is high.

We earn more when the price is low folks, 20 cent STEEM is still low, get to posting.

Steem is 15-20 cents today, and your wage is only like $5 an hour right now,

Shit, I wish I was currently making $5 an hour on STEEM. That would equal to allot of STEEM for me to hold.

$5 per hour? That would mean $20 per day with 4 hours per day.
That would mean $600 per month (30 days).
I just realized that actually nowadays I do not even make $5 per hour in real life!
Not even the half of it. At least I am making more than the quarter of it. :D
My monthly income for the 4 hours part-time job is only about $185 USD.
I am making around 56 000 HUF per month. $1 USD is currently (2020.01.18, 22:00 CET) 301.48 HUF.

$600 a month for blogging sounds like some nice side cash to me.

I wonder how much Twitter and Facebook would pay us :P
(Answer: $0)

Good luck with growing your account.
I hope one day STEEM brings you just as much or more funds as your real life income provides.

Imagine Steem Monsters became a viable job in the future lol 🤣

That's isn't out of the question for some.

I'll hire my kids to play for me :))

This is starting to very much have a similar flavor to the Internet and tech stocks "after the crash" in 2001-ish... there was a whole lot of failures, but those who went long on the really good tech companies ended up making 100x their money back... and that was in conventional stocks.

Seems to me we are coming towards the end of the "shakeout period" following the irrational hysteria of late 2017... and now the long-term value investors are going to start flowing into the market.

So yeah, this is a really good time to be "in place" and accumulating.

I hope you win your bets @aggroed!

well said. and I hope he wins his bets too

Thank you, for the pep talk; it’s encouraging to hear!

I’ve not stopped posting & try to put something up, daily, despite the small reward & readership...

Here’s a story you might enjoy about a Bitcoin Conference


Steem is a top 20 token, just a lot of selling pressure at this level since some bloggers are trying to make a life here, unlike other platforms which are just speculation coins. Glad I've never sold any except for JAHM and a few other SCOT tokens. #didntsellthedip

lets hope so

Yes I also think that the time is very good to write articles. Even though many people say that after the last Hardfork there is only 50% left for the blog, I can see from my own blog that I earn more now than before. Now is the time to grow and also to enlarge the community. To be prepared when the steem is back to several US dollars. Best regards and thanks for your great report. Michael
resteem 100% !invest_vote

I am degree with you. It is very important to earn Steem and Steempower now.

I am also Degree! !invest_vote

@mima2606 denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient! ----> Wer ist investinthefutur ?
@mima2606 thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !----> Who is investinthefutur ?

@querdenker denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient! ----> Wer ist investinthefutur ?
@querdenker thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !----> Who is investinthefutur ?

After the price increase, I observe positive and active comments - this makes me happy. Go steem)

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I’ve been busy posting and building. I look forward to the harvest one day.

When the price doubles your STEEM doesn’t halve. It goes down somewhat but it doesn’t halve which is the beauty of being an early bird.

its just as more people flock in and post the reward pool is split over more posts.

So much implications with steem valuation and the amount one earns by posting.
This is definitely a deal breaker steem is up but you earn less steem.
If you have short memory
You will have a weird awakening.
Keep on posting

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i will watch the aftermath of this pump closely. hopefully Steem stays above the 20Cent mark.

I really really hope you win that bet!


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My logic says slow and steady my friend. A quality post a day and a steady build up in SP and communications is my way of doing things.
It had always worked for me and I am sure that it will also bear fruits on steemit.
A great post here!

Looking forward to when Steem is a scarce resource.

The band wagoners are always going to come and go. Things improve, they’re on it like white on rice. Things fall back, they scatter like roaches with a light on. It’s the same in real life as with the internet. Lots of people don’t have the fortitude to stick through tough times.

I remember when I first started I saw lots of posts and comments about ‘when Steem was dirt cheap, I wish I was there to grab a bunch!!!!11’. Those same people, for the most part, didn’t stick around as the price slid further. I was one who wished I grabbed it and I certainly did. Bought most of the way to dolphin at various low points to where I felt comfortable where I was at with my holdings.

I think that Splinterlands is going to be one of the key drivers of success for the public starting to notice the Steem chain, so thanks for that!

Here’s to when the markets go up and we’re all enjoying the look of our holdings!

they’re on it like white on rice

love that saying

That's very true. Steem has real users instead of eth tokens. most eth tokens will be high volume at the first week market because bountu hunters pump down. but steem users are real and will be the next blogging platform with better token steem

"Ok, hear me out. The amount of Steem you're going to earn is very likely to go down."
If the value of Steem will be high, we do not need to earn much. :)

"Yes Steem is 15-20 cents today, and your wage is only like $5 an hour right now"
Maybe I am alone, but I would be very happy even for $5 per hour. What I am saying. Even for $5 per day. Nowadays I am earning cents with my posts. But I am still posting.

Heck yeah man, this is why I have kept on the grind posting once a day for 3+ years now. We've seen alot of people come back of late, happy to have them, but they missed some opportunity.

I'm really happy that you of all people posted this because I feel like today is a validation of all the posts of done. I haven't missed a day in 2.5 years and I love low steem price for that reason. Ive posted my way to holding 7500 steem in total so if steem hits around 50 cents I will have rescued my losses from when I bought in during the bullrun. Very happy that today's pump indicated that steem is still relevant

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My peakmonsters rentals were bringing in 20 STEEM/day, that just got cut in half.
Now to see if the cards I want to buy with that STEEM go up too.

Lets see how far it can go. I wish Steem to grow back to hights of 5 to 10 USD. I can still remember december, 2018, when Steem was above 5 USD and Steem Dollar even higher. Lets hope we can reach previous hights.

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Someone's getting super bullish here :D...keep marchin fella!

Steem is up. People will start posting! Thanks for the bullish remarks.

Great article, I should post more regularly in the future as well 👍

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Great job, man

That is exactly what I’ve done. Life threw some crack curveballs at me but I knew the value would return and so I continued to post. The topics have changed but the subtle earning has grown.

Iv told my human friends, and most especially, my love @kelsnm that one day the value would come back and that her missing out this whole time ahhhbnn

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Appreciate your motivational post and the creation of splinterlands. Or I wouldn't have stayed on. Steem on!

Congratulations @aggroed!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following categories:

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I got back to writing just a few weeks before this rise in price. It's lovely and nice. Like sugar and spice.

Have a wonderful day!

alot of comments on this tread, i just learnt something today but am not sure we are ready for posting right now, will talk to my team to see what i can do about creating content in steem, or probably we just ready and comment, because i notice there are lesser curators now.

@mima2606 denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient! ----> Wer ist investinthefutur ?
@mima2606 thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !----> Who is investinthefutur ?

So true. And that is before inflation ramps down and it gets harder again. People flood in too late. Those that have left will come back as you say. I see it in the photo community. Lets just hope that we are in a better position with RCs and downvotes to combat spam and plagiarism as the last bull run things got messy quickly.

Great perspective, especially for a newbie like me. Answered some of my questions about earning and the opportunity the platform brings users in the future. So it seems that I came in at the right time. Just posted my 6th post, all in January. And I've learned a few things more at the comments section, thanks! It's awesome to have a good community of real people creating original content. From the comments, i gather that there are people (steemians) who really care for the platform and stayed in bear times, which makes a point that STEEM will be here for the long run and it's not a bad idea to hodl and invest in it. Great post @aggroed!

I never left posting here since I joined steemit in May,2017. I really have accumulated a lot and I know at this time it is not a big amount but in the future it will have a great value. And the best part is that over the time my post qualities have improved here and now people really recognize my art and skills. I have delivered many people here the satisfactory services. I am never gonna leave steemit anyways it has become a daily activity for me.

So, for all the people who stopped posting during the Bear you've been missing out and you're going to keep missing out. The Steem you earned when it was 10 cents, when you could earn a lot of it looks poised to go on a full bull run. We hit 20 cent steem this week. The amount of Steem you'll earn is literally cut in half when that happens.

Hey man, how's it going? Long time!

I'm not sure I completely agree with the above paragraph, sure the Steem I earn now may be worth more in a price hike. However the amount will stay the same.

So if I get 20 steem for a post when it's worth $0.10, it's worth $2. However when the price goes up, I'll still get 20 steem, it'll just be worth more.

Maybe I'm not understanding you properly...


Agreed! Now that steem is too low I earned a lot.

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