Decentralized Transparent Burn Account.

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Hello World Just wanted to share my new Wormhole/burn account I created.
Screenshot 20190813 at 9.49.06 AM.png
I created the account @worm-hole yesterday. I wanted to create a burn account that was simple and transparent. This account will NEVER issue tokens or do anything that requires a posting key. In fact I NEVER SAVED MY PASSWORD OR KEYS for @worm-hole. It's basically hack proof.

The only activity you will EVER see from my end is from me creating the account. {above.} Showing I created the account is also an extra layer of transparency.

You can use this account to place steem/sbd or ANY steem-engine token out of circulation {commonly called "burning."} There are many use cases for this action.

If you send Steem/Sbd to @worm-hole: You can transparently see all the steem you sent to the account FOREVER. It doesn't use some complex code to "disappear" the steem. It's a TRANSPARENT wormhole/burn account with 100% accountability.

Enjoy. Happy Burning. -@a1-shroom-spores

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Thanks to every btc holder that forgot their keys, for burning their holdings.

There's a LOT of those. :joy:

I cashed them out @ $5 each :D does that count? :)
nice idea for the @worm-hole, btw! ;)

Thanks! :)

Count me in @taintedblood