Steem Monsters highly frustrating defeat streak against life splinter

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Recently I have been playing Steem Monsters like crazy. I have been able to find more time from my otherwise hectic office schedule. I have even got my weekends back which were working earlier. I have been pushing hard to up my league but it has been very frustrating. Here is a quick sample. I lost 6 battles back to back against 6 different players but exactly similar deck and exactly same splinter the Life Splinter. Is it just an ugly coincidence ?

I have always hated the life splinter when using it as well as playing against it. I have lost most of those battles. Today was no different. Lately I have been finding it almost impossible to beat the combination of Silvershield Paladin in the front row and the Air Elemental in the last. It is a deadly combo. The silver shield paladin has a great shield halving the strong melee and ranged attacks. The air elemental with its super fast speed and extremely high ranged damage takes down the strongest tank troop I have which is the Goblin Mech. To worsen the things there comes the Divine healer to heal and incur more damange with its magic attack. Its a nightmare. Peace bringer added to disturb my mental peace. LOL
Here is my unfortunate series of lost battles 6 in a row. The defeat streak continued with a relief that it was a different splinter and different monsters later. :P

It ended in this fashion. 10 battles lost in a row. 8 out of which were Life Splinter

Has anyone found a combination to beat this combo ? Does the game enforce investment to move up the league ? Can't someone keep moving up without buying or trading cards ? I haven't invested a penny ever since I purchased my starter back at $10. I don't wish to invest. I may settle for 15 cards a season instead of investing to go higher the league table.

I regularly participate in @zaku @zaku-spt 1000 DEC giveaway contest. Do check out for those. They are published daily. This gives me an idea to be suggested to @zaku. He can distribute DEC to unfortunate ones like me who lose 5+ battles back to back.

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You need higher level cards. To beat that life splinter lineup. Use a stall card at the front (preferably spine turtle with thorns ability) and then use magic attackers like medusa and mischievious mermaid to magic attack through knight.

To avoid the sneak attacks invest in a cocatrice. Theyre the best dodgers to put at the back.

Spine turtle sounds like an option. Let me try it today. So I guess water splinter can beat them.

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