Not Feeling It With ORU

in #oru2 years ago

I have been trying out the ORU Network. I’ve mostly been using the social site. It’s a ghost town, even following the top people.

Travel merely has affiliate links one to,, and where you have to have separate accounts.

I haven’t posted anything for sale in the marketplace yet. I certainly haven’t bought anything. I’m still waiting on the debit card in the mail. I think I should be able to PayPal money in, or some other way. However, the transaction fee for that isn’t all that enticing. Besides, most of the products I see are information products and “opportunities”. Whereas Steem attracts cryptonerds, ORU seems to attract MLM types.

The site is a bit slow and tends to hang, which doesn’t give a good experience. More products are in the pipeline. But, I don’t see how adding more products will improve things. I’m hoping the debit card opens up the experience more, when it arrives.

I did discover that social interaction won’t move the needle significantly on rewards. I’d have to be on constantly to earn back my monthly $5.95 fee. I’m guessing that listing things for sale might help make the experience better. I should test out some listings. There are no listing or transaction fees on sales. The question is whether the market is big enough to bring in buyers.

I’ll give it a couple months. Perhaps it also takes time to show its value.

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