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Money is a perfect incentive! With it, even the most bitter drink tastes better. Making money is a work of art, which allows penalties by placing zeros to the right of a hieroglyph which at first was alone, like an alphanumeric of Arabic origin, accounted for by the abacus and nowadays by a computer.


To have talent, no money is needed, commodified art is a soulless poetry created for ambition. You can be inspired by the most extreme poverty, if you want, and get the phrase that will change the world, even if it has come out of the malnourished inspired hand of a composer.

I would have liked to meet Beethoven !, writing the ninth symphony, while completely losing my hearing. A genius !, with serious economic problems, it is said that until the time of his death he worked in a tenth overture, which is an enigma, but it is still something worthy of admiration. I speak of Homer!, The blind poet, who still without using the sense of sight, guided by a guide, wrote The Iliad and the Odyssey, two transcendental works of the Hellenistic period, fundamental pillar of romance, as a precursor genre of All the literature known until today.

From Classicism to Romanticism, the evolution of art is a thriving show of vocation. The rich and famous almost always die poor, except those who with self-sacrifice gave their lives to leave their legacy to the world, in a part of their heart. A little closer! Here in the 1960s; when the economy diminished by the ravages of war joined the counterculture, in a perfect season. The "Liverpool Quartet", they went out to travel the world even as children, with nothing in their pockets just with a guitar crossed in the back, those boys did not imagine that beatlemania would take over the navel world.


I would have liked to see them! In its golden age. Or maybe, just shake hands with "John" and ask him what he felt when he wrote that phrase:

"All we need is love".

You see, that talent without money is equal to love...

In contrast to the above, I would like to ask Satoshi if with a bitcoin he could come and dedicate me a song...


Talent is not stored in banks or in a virtual wallet, it is carried inside in the fiber, which is the hand of God working on the minds and bodies of true men, so that they can free thought and achieve a better world.

"Water is the blood of the earth money is the blood of the system...
SM, venezuela"

They are the wise words of a great troubadour. Sentimiento Muerto, a Venezuelan musical band that marked a milestone in the society of the '80s and' 90s. Applauded for her great talent and musical composition.

"You will not take the money to the grave, but with money you can build your pantheon",

This last phrase is from @nachomolina, although it does not sound anything inspiring, for a writer, who with just a few tokens in his portfolio just tries to have a better day.


In the world everything moves with money: The car, the house, the goods, the food, the industry, the art, the music, the trips and luxuries, the nipples of salt on the tequila and the greater excesses imagined by the man in his power of ambition...


Less life, not love. This humble author tells you! If you try to buy love with money, even if it is lasting it will never be a true love. In the same way, life is easier with money! But at the heartbeat no one can set a price, not even a check to the bearer...

After this count;

There are many cases where talent beat money!

even if the irony of life keeps saying, that maybe with "money" everything would have come out, even better...


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Sencillamente genial.

Esta frase:
You see, that talent without money is equal to love.

Ciertamente, el talento al igual que ese sentimiento, deben surgir como una especie de magia, sin saber de donde viene, sólo surge, nace.

El dinero, pues... enun mundo netamente capitalista como en el que nos ha tocado vivir, es algo que se ha hecho necesario, y sin dudas, facilita la gran mayoría de cosas. Pero tal como dices, no compra el latido de un corazón, eso es automático, y cosas intangibles si pueden llegar a tener acceso más de un latido, de por vida.


Hermano, gracias por tu brillante comentario!
Gracias por evaluar, tu opinión enriquece el marco de esta escritura creativa!

Aleccionador, simple en una sola palabra.

Hola gracias amiga!