Throwback Thursday, a song, "Sunk Down to Hell"

in original-music •  9 months ago 

Hello, and welcome to my page!

For this week's episode of Throwback Thursday, I would like to present the song "Sunk Down to Hell" This is a song that I created using a poem written by @paintingangels, Serena Matthews, here on steem. For this song, I used the audio recording program Audacity to record all of the tracks that make up the song. I used the digital drum program Addictive Drums for the drum track, and recorded all the instrument and vocal tracks to the timing of the drum track. Once the song was finished, I uploaded it to my soundcloud page. Since I uploaded the song to soundcloud about 9 months ago, I assume that it was about 9 months ago that I posted it on my steem page the first time.

Here is the link to the song on my soundcloud page.

Because @paintingangels wrote the poem that became this song, I'll be splitting the post rewards with her after the post pays out.

Thanks for stopping by my page to check out this song!

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