Daily dose of inspiration: Use weekend for yourself not for the internet

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I don't think that we should stop following news or throw away phones, but it is a good idea to use the certain time during the week for ourselves, and not for the internet.

I minimized everything in general, and reschedule my time, and it is working beautifully. But I can do more. Especially because I do blogging and social media for inclusion and connection, and not necessarily the financial aspect of it.

I will drop the entire thing with the networking for Friday, Saturday and Sunday all together and just concentrate to the four week days to do online what I want to, and during the three-day weekend, in case I need to go online for something I will do the stuff I like - movies, books, creativity...and similar.

It is great to use the technology to our benefit, but it is completely unnecessary to do it without the recharge. Especially is you are doing it for a prolonged periods of time.

I already updated a list of the websites on the FloteApp, but I have more of these, and I am planning to create quite a list there.

I tried to cut down online social media and blogging time in a very short blasts of an hour or a bit above, and I am getting better and better in that.

I read daily news for 1 hour during the early morning.

Using mail, Feedly, Google News and Twitter for news reading showed extremely useful, so I will definitely craft my news reading lists better. I also made sure that I am receiving interesting questions from Quora in the mail with the daily newsletter, which also spares time.

The daily activity is shoved into 1-2 hours maximum. If I do not have anything to say during those 2 hours, then I do not need to do it otherwise. Less is more.

Choosing basically two major blogging platforms where I write daily - Whaleshares and Hive, and two microblogging platforms - dBuzz and Memocash, was also a great idea.
My main video host is LBRY and traditional link share and social media is Twitter.
FloteApp ( marketplace) with the featured content and Smoke ( specialized content) is extra. They do not take away anything from my writing for blog's time, I simply decide which part of the written text is going to be features, or it could be a stand-alone and then feature it on Flote and post as a link.

Everything else is secondary activity, including playing the Splinterlands.

Instead of choosing to spend hours at time on my PC I spend it in the nature or doing anything else that is far more important ,gain-oriented and rewarding for me.

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Nice inspiration 👍

Congrats for offering us inspiration! You're right: There are a lot of ways through which we can use technology in our benefit.