Ricky Gervais Could've Done Better

in opinion •  5 months ago  (edited)

The only reason I bothered tuning into the GG on Sunday was to catch Ricky G and what he had to say.

His previous years on doing the Golden Globes have brought me many tears of laughter and I was looking forward to getting a good laugh once again. I got a few seconds in, but have to say I was rather unimpressed with his entire bit. With his skill and intellect he could've done a hell of a lot better than scrambling out old, and tired jokes that we have already heard thousands of times.

Give Us Something New.

Was hoping for a bit more originality. Some are saying he delivered some of his 'funniest jokes ever' last night but I guess they might have been delivered on a different platform because I didn't hear them while watching the Golden Globes opening.

His old stuff from earlier years was straight GOLD.

Because of what an epic job he did in previous years I was REALLY looking forward to this, but it turns out that I set my expectations too high. He said it was his last time in previous years and yet he came back, so might he come back again in the future? If he does I hope he does a better job of it.


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Ricky still Rocks!...:)...

he is one of the best imo

No doubt!...:)...