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As always following the rabbit hole
I fell right into a site where music is all
they mastered. In order to post about it here
I need to look for a good #jahm.
Most songs they have are recorded live as open mic.
This is another version that tend to be like the studio
without all the extras.

Koffee was there and she delivered a toast
we still adore through these days.
Further down the line I listened to many artists that
focused on genres that we all know.
Feel free to pay them a visit on your free time @

Let us meet Sech.
He is from Panama.
Panama is a base where reggaeton grows like mushroom.
The name of the song another drink.
I pick the version from Genius so even if you do not speak
Spanish you have an idea of his skills.
He started the #jahm in a cool retro vibe mix with RnB.
Well done Sech and you deliver in a timely manner.

Enjoy this one

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Will definitely have a listen later on. Reggae is the best when live.

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Big difference between the openmic version from the video/youtube version

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@pouchon.tribes this is a cool jam

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