--- STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 148 - Cope Cover - Citizen Cope - Sideways ---

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This weeks entry for open mic , this track has significant meaning for me, nothing new as i tend to have considerable emotional attachments to the music i play as it resonates with me, hence why i like the songs.

Sometimes life decides to put pressure on sore spots and, when we are going through it, it can feel like there is no end in sight. The outcome can mean dealing with depression anxiety and much more.

For me this track is a representation of me interacting with myself at times, my own self talk, the negativity felt at times when im assessing my life position and things just dont stack up.

Dealing with this isnt easy and can really knock you around, these feelings and emotions from this self talk does not go away, its always there, we just find a way to manage... to cope.


I love everything about this. I’m calling it...it wins.

I'd bet but we're both on the same side!


thanks you so much , im happy you liked it , much love and copious hugs in your direction :)

Cope!! We are waiting for you to join us at @sonicgroovelive! I will annoy you until you finally find time to enter. :D

apologies for my absence , have had much real life drama to contend with, which has prevented me from my usual interactions, once i have locked down some of these issues i will return to regular broadcasting :)

Hey superstar! Nailed it as always ✨💫🌟❣️
Anywhere I can reach out to ya? Messenger? Discord?

@steemityourway Thanks for the love and support :)

Yeah for sure, i spend most of my time in the P.A.L Discord,a bit scarce now im studying though, my name is the same 'Cope (mfxae86)' , look forward to hearing from you :)

With a voice like that you could sing the phone book and make it meaningful !

Thank you so much for the kind words and support, im glad you enjoyed the performance :) much love and copious hugs in your direction :)

Absolutely beautiful...
Just love it 💜💜💜

Thank you :)

Really beautiful, intimate performance and clearly heartfelt vocals. Hey you should consider using #creativecoin tag , you are already using palnet tag and there is a pretty good degree of overlap between PAL and creativecoin holders. Just another easy way to earn more $ on a post just by using a tag. My vote is worth dozens of times more in creative coin than it is in Steem LOL Cheers

thanks for the love mate :) I though that creative coin was only for original works, so i figured a cover of someone else's song isn't really in the category of requirements for using the tag... but i will take whatever is given, although it aint about the coins/tokens for me, its about the interaction and sharing a part of myself with the world :)

hmm well I would certainly (myself) think that a musical performance could be creative even if the song is not an original. I am pretty sure it would fly :) But it sounds like you are aware of the tag, in any case :) cheers

all good, i guess i just seent too many articles about tag abuse of late so am more cautious when tagging now... i just dont wanna be 'that guy', lol.

Sounding great :) rooting for this
very intimate performance too
Sometimes those feelings won't go away... but singing about them help

Thanks for the love and support :) its funny that no matter how we feel there is always music which speaks to that emotion and sensation.... and if not, we can always make it :)

much love and copious hugs to you

awww sorry I couldn't get to upvote your lovely comment, been away like two weeks, love and copious hugs back to you )


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thanks for the giddy ups :)

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thanks for the kudos :)