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RE: September thirteenth 1996 - Tupac Shakur dies

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Hard to believe this has been 23 years ago... I was rolling around smoking L 's bumping pac, big, nas,outkast on the daily circa 1996

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I've never been a fan...I'd gotten into rap back in the mid eighties and by Tupac's time had moved on. Still, a bit of a waste though right?

Yes definitely was all very stupid, east vs west drama..

Mid 80s head eh

I mean rap is a subset of Hip Hop and has its place. For me tribe called quest, KRS1 etc is where it's at, but I do still vibe on some good old rap before it went mumble. That I just can't get behind at all..

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First stuff I listed to was Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five in around 1982 or 1983 and also Melle Mel...It's old school. Was a big NWA fan for a while (into the late 80's) then lost interest in the 1990's, went in different directions.

Gotcha I respect the pioneers that paved the way for sure.. I'm all over the place with my musical tastes.. A look at my recent YT videos will go from Hank Williams Sr-Little Feat-Zappa-Coltrane-Daft Punk-Indian music-tool-motown u get the picture..

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I am too as I have such a varied taste when it comes to music. If people could scroll through my Spotify library they'd probably think I was 20 different people. [Maybe deep in side I am]. Hmm, deep thoughts. :)