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The crypto ecosystem is expanding at a faster rate and as a result, a number of crypto coins are getting added to the ecosystem. That also creates an economy and adds value to the exchange business. The exchanger/trader exchange their major cryptos to other emerging cryptocurrencies as a part of their strategic investment. Some users also exchange their crypto coins for several other purposes. Simply put, exchange of crypto coin to another crypto coin is a regular use-case in the crypto ecosystem.

With that being said, it is also true that the exchange services available are not in sync with the user's need and expectation. There are some exchange services which charges a heavy rate of an exchange fee, some services make the entry complex-Sign up, KYC etc. Further, the exchange interface itself is so complex that the user needs some time to properly understand the exchange process. So a better exchange facility is needed which can serve the user's need and fulfil their expectations.


One unique crypto exchange is already in service for more than 6-8 months in this domain and it aims to offer seamless crypto to crypto exchange experience for the users. It does not ask for any registration to get started, neither it asks for any ID/KYC, nor the exchange process is complex. Simply put, it offers a simple exchange interface where users can exchange one crypto to another crypto coin with just a click. The name of the exchange facility is OnepageX.

Key features of OnepageX

Simple exchange interface

OnepageX facilitates users with the coolest exchange interface where a simple average internet user can even understand how to make an exchange. The user does not have to spend additional time to understand the process. In OnepageX, the exchange interface is simple and straight forward.

Low exchange fees

The exchange fees of OnepageX is one of the best in the market and quite competitive as compared to other available exchange services. It charges 0.5% exchange fees and the estimated exchange rate is dynamically displayed on the exchange page so that users can get a rough idea before initiating an exchange.

Quick exchange facility

It is one of the quickest. However, how quick it is, depends upon the network confirmation time of the particular blockchain. Highly scalable blockchains like STEEM can enable a user to complete the exchange process just within 3 to 4 minutes time.

Multiple transactions from a single page

This is one of the best features of OnepageX. In traditional exchange services, the user has to go through a new page each time for multiple transactions. Here in OnepageX, the user can do the same from the same page and for every transaction, a transaction card appears on the same page. So it is convenient for the user to do multiple exchanges from the same page in OnepageX.


Onebox Widget

The website owners can leverage on Onebox widget to offer their customer/users/readers the same exchange service of OnepageX on their web page. So along with their own business, the users can be facilitated additionally with OnepageX exchange facility. The users in such a case don't have to navigate to the OnepageX site and they can do the exchange from the website where the Onebox widget is integrated.

Social share

Social share is another feature to share with the social domain that you have made a crypto exchange using OnepageX exchange service. By doing so, your friends will get to know about such a facility and in future, they may also use this service.


No registration/No KYC

OnepageX is revolutionary because it makes the thing simple for the trader. OnepageX does not ask for any registration or any verification/KYC etc. You can simply go to the official website of OnepgaeX which is and can start the exchange. So a complex exchange process is simplified with OnepageX.

Exchange session can be saved and can be used multiple times

When the user initiates an exchange, a session is created where the user is required to deposit to a certain address as mentioned in the transaction card. But the best part is that you can save this session and can also make use of it for future exchange, should you wish to do so. That means the same session can be used multiple times. But do remember that it will make the withdrawal to the same address which you have input earlier.

Offered crypto assets

It supports a wide list of emerging and popular crypto assets including the majors like BTC, LTC, ETH etc. At the moment it accepts 9 incoming crypto assets and you can choose from 140+ crypto assets for swapping.

The nine crypto assets it supports are BTC, LTC, ETH, BCHABC, GRS, STEEM, XMR, BTG, DASH.

The offered crypto assets are:-

Getting Started with OnepageX

  • Select the incoming crypto asset.
  • Choose the one from the outgoing crypto asset.
  • Provide the Withdrawal address.
  • Click on Start exchange.
  • Take note of the Transaction card where the deposit details are given.
  • Deposit the amount to the designated address along with memo/tag if required.
  • Wait for 1 confirmation.
  • Then the exact exchange amount will be shown and the status will turn "pending withdrawal".
  • The final status will be "Complete". You can also track the transaction through the explorer.





Pros of OnepageX

  • It is quick.
  • No registration/KYC required
  • No mobile verification/No 2- factor authentication etc
  • Automatic exchange
  • Competitive exchange fees
  • Simple exchange interface
  • Social share, Onebox widget features can enhance user base
  • A variety of crypto assets are supported by OnepageX

Cons of OnepageX

  • More incoming cryptos should be listed & supported.
  • Support staff should be available 24x7.


Simple crypto exchange service is scarce in crypto ecosystem. The traditional exchanges need to take a lesson from OnepageX and can learn how the same service can be facilitated with better user experience. OnepageX within 6 months has already enhanced the number of incoming cryptos to nine and in future, it may add more. So it is evolving beautifully. With the simplest, fastest and cost-effective exchange service, OnepageX has solved most of the existing issues a user face in daily life in crypto to crypto exchange.

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