OCA Curation Plans and Announcement

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The current battle between the Steem community and Tron has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench into a lot of peoples plans for their different initiatives or projects on Steem. OnChainArt is no exception. Regardless of that people are still posting and doing their thing on Steem so I'm going to continue to move forward if a bit more reserved.

Powering Up the @onchainart Account

So I just put out about 50k SP worth of leases on DLEASE with the highest APR on the market currently. I got a fairly short lease as we're in a bit of a FUD'y situation right now at four weeks. Would appreciate anyone interested filling these leases to help me grow the OCA community and reward the awesome content being posted and shared there.

OCA Curation Trail

I'd also like to invite anyone interested in helping out with OCA to follow the @onchainart accounts vote. This trail is primarily meant for the people regularly posting in OCA to have them support each other. This account will probably vote often and will likely do several 100% upvotes per day. If you're a fairly active manual curator, this is probably not for you. It's more for the users that focus on creating content, and potentially don't do much manual curation. I think this fits with a lot of the artists I see on Steem.

For following the trail, you'll receive a SP based badge to signify your level of support. I'm winging this a bit, but I'm going to keep it simple in the beginning.

  • Less than 500 SP = OCA Bronze Supporter
  • Less than 1000 SP = OCA Silver Supporter
  • Less than 5000 = OCA Gold Supporter
  • Less than 10,000 = OCA Platinum Supporter
  • Greater than 20,000 = OCA Diamond Supporter

If you choose to follow the trail, it's easiest for me to see your stats if you use SteemAuto, but I've also made a SteemVoter Guild as well for those that prefer that.
Hopefully most of you know how to do that, but I'll probably edit this post later with instructions just in case. If all this sounds good to you and you follow the trail, let me know in the comments below :)

It should be noted that currently I(@midlet) am the only person with voting authority for the @onchainart account and the votes are at my discretion. Following the trail will not guarantee you any additional privileges. (Though we all appreciate it)

If you're curious what type of content I'll be curating please refer to the simple tag line of this community.

"OnChainArt is a Community for serious artists"

I don't feel like it's all that vague. You know if you're a serious artist or not. I'm not particularly interested in assisting anyone in milking Steem. I want a place where there is a collection of awesome art done by people serious about art. I'll leave it at that 😊

There are other curation efforts still being worked on in the background that I hope to be able to announce soon. This is all for now. Would appreciate any help possible with filling the OCA delegations.

Also for what it's worth the @onchainart account is following my voting proxy @theusersparty which is voting for Steem Consensus Witnesses.

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No strings, no conditions, no idea how long I will leave it. I enjoy looking at the art post, I do not have a big vote anyway, and have lots of other content I like to peruse also, I do not want to be on a vote chain, but I want to support the artist of Steem Block Chain Community. I feel that your community will do a just job of rewarding the artist.

Thanks @bashadow! That's the goal, and every bit helps.

Filled a bunch of those delegations, will start trailing with my remaining when I get a chance to rejig my auto curation.


Looking forward to a long and healthy, ongoing relationship with this community.

Glad to help.

Thanks so much @holoz0r! Appreciate the support :)