Showcase-Sunday: Shaded

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Well just in time for me getting triggered about cross posting and reposting in my last post, guess's Sunday! So, it's time for #showcase-sunday! This time around I'll be sharing one of the first paintings I ever shared here on Steem, something like post number three or four, something around there.

In this painting I was having a brief affair with Corel Painter. The brush system is really different from Photoshop and while there are some features I love, I could never get past all the UI/UX stuff that I hate.


Colors blend together in a much more natural way in Painter and it feels a lot more like actual paint. Photoshop eventually introduced the Mixer Brush, but it still never really felt like paint. I think they made some updates to it, but I have yet to play around with it. Maybe I'll do that today.


Incoming shameless plug!

If you're making art on Steem and you're not posting in're not doing it right. Check out OnChainArt and see if you can make a home there. We'd love to see your original works! :)

See you all in the next post!

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I'm sure I'll catch up with the trigger post eventually XD

I'm trying to remember when I started following you, I seem to remember this one but at the same time not really but I'll just attribute that to the deviant brain XD

I like mixer brushes (granted Krita mixer brushes, I have no idea how they compare to Photoshop brushes) but it doesn't really feel like paint, which suits me as I was never good at paint anyway ^_^;

Maybe you should have a signature/snippet/thing for your posts for OCA? :D

I definitely should get a signature, snippet thing, I've been too lazy about that. I want to make a cool animated gif one of these days.

very beautiful...

you mean if I re-post some of my older stuff from 2 years ago, that "jaguar creep" won't bounce on it right away?
btw, what makes you a "real person" - like website and/or another social network with a profile? I looked at twitter and got a circle back reference to Steemit. Just asking.

I can't control what other people do. Maybe he will jump on it. He might jump on an image of a cat if you post it I dunno. Also, I'm not a real person, I'm somewhere between a bot and an alien :)