Gynoid D01 - NFT / tokenized art

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Gynoid D01  FB1.jpg


A traditional/digital hybrid from my Android-Awakening series.
The underlying 3D-rendering was combined
with ink pens and acrylic decalcomania textures.
The image resolution of 14400 x 18000 pixels
allows very detailed canvas prints up to a height of
60 inch (~152 cm) at 300 dpi,
or 120 inch (~304 cm) at 150 dpi.

Available as NFT (non-fungible token) on Makersplace.


Gynoid D01  FB5.jpg

Gynoid D01  FB4.jpg

Gynoid D01  FB6.jpg

Gynoid D01  FB2.jpg

Gynoid D01  FB3.jpg


Really interesting, a rich and powerful work at the same time.
Reblog required.

Grazie per la segnalazione, Armando!
e un caro abbraccio! 😁

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Your art is very fantastic

I love it! Very Gigeresque!

I found this picture some days ago and reblogged in my tumblr blog... This is stunning! Would you consider subscribing to this new cyberpunk community called nestedneons?
Compliments for your art!