“Black & Pink” (ORIGINAL ARTWORK) with animation

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Witness the creativity that I bring forth through my unique art style. This should satisfy you for at least 10 seconds if you’re willing to take the time.

Why Black & Pink?

This idea began with me wanting some custom album art for a playlist that I created on Spotify. The playlist features Two Feet & Black Pumas. Two Feet’s recently released album is called “Pink” and the Black Pumas’ most recent album is self-titled. I think you can now now see where I got Black & Pink.

My artwork

I started this creation by using Union on my iPhone XS. After I had the base layers setup, I added some text using Phonto. Then I moved to the next step of adding some unique lighting and texture with Mextures.

After finishing what I wanted to do with the apps on my smartphone, I decided to create my thumbnail image using Adobe Photoshop on my MacBook Pro. Once that was complete I took a slightly altered version of the art and used Werble (again on my iPhone) to animate the image.

The results



Thanks for checking out my art!

Don’t forget to listen to my “Black & Pink” Spotify Playlist