Manually delegating at #introduceyourself

in #onboarding4 months ago

I don't have a lot of HP, but I am planning to keep delegating ~20% of it to noobs on the chain. Without the old school delegation from that other chain, we need to make sure that people that are signing on to #hive have enough HP for resource credits to at least post.


Without that little bit of HP to get started they can't interact on the chain and find their place as part of this large community.

I posted about wanting to delegate a few days ago, but there were no comments so I just picked 4 people to delegate some hp. This round it was @artywink, @luisiana, @saleemkhana, and @tatyhomka.

I have no process to this, and I will probably review some of the older delegations periodically to see if they are using them, or if I can recycle them to others in #introduceyourself.


This is very nice 👍

Well you got some comments now. This is a great idea @noloafing, those authors are glad you found them.

That's really awesome of you! Something many of us should consider and act on;)
This is in the true spirit of Hive!

Great initiative from you!