Reclaiming this community from Klye

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The Flag is a little bit damaged, but I did what I had to...

It was a boiling day in SteemVille, and for some unknown reason, @cadawg had decided to create a new community within our village. He named this community "Programming", he was very proud of his creation and decided to add some members. Little did he realise that he had invited the devil into the community in the form of @klye. Klye came in here and tried to hijack this community, so with the Steem-Flag of justice, I took him out with a quick -100% blow.

This community is safe for another day

End of off-topic post.



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It seems that my post has far more support than yours..

So while I think your attempt to raise a mutiny is cute, I do not see it as anything legitimate. wkwkwkwwk

Your argument is flawless, except:

And you don't have the private keys to @hive-169321 😂

I'll let you play the admin role on it.. Now do the administrator work my underling. :D

Your jokes always crack me up 😂

I thought I'd see a Klye meme. LOL But way to go with this community! Frogramming for the win!

#Frogramming? Is that an Instagram trend 😂

Brogramming when you add !BEER to that. Cheers!

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