The Corona Virus Is A Total Fraud And It Is Amazing How Everyone Is Buying It

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It looks like tomorrow I am going to buy a friend's Windjammer Rockport Camper to put on my boyfriend's land, so that we can get the hell out of Dodge ASAP, before the next phase of this New World Order rollout.

I can't sleep - freaking out about the money I am about to plunk down - I just got the money from the settlement from the car wreck of last April, and I am rapidly spending it - and this is a huge purchase I had no idea I was going to make, but here goes.

His property is 2 hours outside Denver close to Kansas. He has a well and electric out there, so we could just hook up the camper. We hope to pour a 50 foot concrete pad in the next 2 weeks so we can put the camper on the pad and build a fence around it so the cows can't get in and so that it can be clean. The dogs won't have muddy paws as long as I can rinse them off before they come inside.

All he has out there right now is a few mobiles filled with material - you can't live in them. Well maybe HE can, but I can't especially not now with the injury that I have.

If I am right and this is just another episode of bait and switch and we are getting a breather after this RX Shadow ends on March 29, we will have at least gotten it started. But if Kent is right and in 2 weeks, Homeland Security or who-the-fuck-ever starts their next phase of extreme slavery, then we are going to need to both move out there, with our collective food.

The thing that stirred me to action was that my friend, who is a conspiracy blogger has an informant who is ex-Army intelligence - and he told her that in 2 weeks- the first 2 weeks of April - we are going to be on total Marshall Law lockdown not even able to buy gasoline - this is exactly what Kent said - and he is ex-military as well...


I hate acting during the shadow, so I am just saying "Bless it or Block it, God" - worse case scenario - I will have bought myself a home - and if Kent and I don't make it - I can always take it out to my property in Southern Colorado - Saguache County - where I have 4 acres, no water, or electric - but land...

We are blessed - we have beef - because Kent rents his property to a neighbor to graze his cows - and we get paid in a whole cow a year. So much for me going vegan... at least not right now... and I figure I can get my vegetables from the wild grasses that grow on the property - until we can start a greenhouse or a garden - it's pretty darn windy out there though, so I would say it's likely to be a greenhouse.

It's not my first choice for locations. I wanted to go to the Western Slope of Colorado, however - if everyone believes that Corona Virus is real - I honestly don't want to be around any of those idiots.

I just saw that my favorite psychic store, where I did my fair in January is closed for shopping... I cannot understand how psychics can believe LIES like this - but these folks - as pagan as they can be - are all democrats.

Whatever - believe the lies...I want nothing to do with people who lie to themselves like that... and that will make me really a loner won't it? So many people buy this fear mongering propoganda - it's unbelieveable.

Best case scenario - i buy the camper and also make some repairs on Kent's city house so I can move in there - and then I am packing up my shit and moving by April 1, into Kent's. The Schizo Affective Roommate is too much for me...

I feel bad for him, but I just can't take it for my own sanity. He will likely be back on the street in no time flat, but I can't do anything about that because his ego is so huge that he is unwilling to ask for help now before I am gone.


Seeing the Navajo Reservation last week really helped me put into perspective. They have been living in hardship for 300 years - and we have a little blip in our comfort level and call 911 when we run out of toilet paper...

we are lost and fucked and deserve what we get, but I won't be there. They are going to have to kill me.