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Hey Steemians. I'm still alive. Just went to get some cigs to corner store, but I took my phone with me and been reading you all and curating here and there.

I don't want to sound like an Instagram wanna be model, but here it goes: There's been a lot of people who have asked me over direct messages and comments on posts, what's the criteria we are using to curate with @ocdb?

There are 5 different sources where we get content to curate, your post may fit one or more of these and get curated. It's definitely not a must to fit on more than one of these points to get curated by OCDB:

1 - OCD Compilation posts:
Everything that gets featured by our curators team, receives an OCD, Smartsteem, Blocktrades, and then, an OCDB vote. Our curators browse many tags, different tribes and have different tastes, so just keep creating high quality content every day and eventually one of our curators will find you.

2 - #POSH Posts:
Now this doesn't mean they have to be cool or posh posts. This means that whenever you create great content for steem, If you share it on Twitter it's more likely that we will stumble upon your post.

3 - Original-content: One thing we are focused with the OCDB curation is trying to reward original content creators. Of course, everything on Steem is supposed to be original content, but it's not the same to post a drawing of an existent cartoon, as to create an original character and make a drawing of it <- This is what we mean with Original-content. To have a bigger chance of getting picked by and OCD curator you can use the tag #OC

For this specific point, we usually browse the created feed, meaning that every created post on steem can get a look from us. We browse some tags every day to give New authors a chance to get curated even if they don't know about the specific tags we curate or they are way too new to know what's the deal with curation and are just content creators getting to know whatsup about Steem.

4 - High Quality content: We know there are more than a few curation guilds on Steem. We do not think of these guilds as competition for us, but as a partner in crime (in this case, the crime is the curation) where we all want great content and great authors to get rewarded for their HQ posts. We try to visit these other curation guilds compilations at least once a week to see if there are some underrated posts or undervalued authors. As the Curation team with the most SP out there, it would be selfish to not reward users just because we weren't the ones finding the post.

5 - OCDB Feed: Our Feed is made up by a whitelist. This whitelist is comprised mainly by users who have been curated by OCD in the past 2 years and a half we've been active as a curation Guild. During the past couple of months we've been curating our feed on a daily basis, this means that if OCDB is following you, if you resteem something, I will see it, that is for sure. I browse OCDB's full feed every morning and every night. So start resteeming more. Don't abuse it though, too many low quality resteems a day to get my attention will result in an unfollow.

Every user we curate with OCDB, is automatically followed by OCDB, so don't get discouraged, keep creating great content every day! Use the appropriate tags and share it on Twitter for a better chance of getting curated!

OCDB Curation Rewards

A few weeks ago we stopped sending the curation rewards to our delegators, you can read more about here.

To make it a too long, didn't read update. I have right now 22k steem liquid on my account as I'm writing this post and I have a couple of extra Steem scattered around my alts. OCDB is in constant power down giving me 6.5k steem a week and OCD-witness is powering down 2.5k steem a week.
As of right now, we owe our delegators 32k steem worth of curation rewards.

Worry not, once we have this amount fully covered, we'll send them all at once. This is not us preparing to exit scam, this is just a movement we are doing to not mess with our CR distribution bot that get's glitchy if we run it without having the full amount covered.

Your curation rewards of one month and a half will be in your wallet as soon as possible.

A little life update, in case you kept reading til the end

I've been studying German around 4 hours a day. I told you I want to begin my masters in Austria (taught in German) in October 2020 so I have to have a C1 level. Difficult but not impossible.

I'll be back in Mexico city to see the family for the holidays and my birthday and then, in January I'm going to the caribbean for a few weeks before going back to Austria and begin proper German lessons in March.

Been curating, reading your posts and trying to write some, but to no avail - the last part only, of course.

Still trying to get people to Approve the Steem Onboarding SPS Proposal so if you like it and you haven't voted for it, click on the link, it's very easy to show us your support that way, it doesn't matter how much Steem Power you have!

That's it for now! Keep on Steeming and creating great content! OCDB will find you :)


That's precisely a nice update and most of all there were indeed some talks about the delegator payout by some users (who always likes to pokes whenever they get a chance ) glad that it got answered here as well.

Can you mention which curation guilds you look at? I am a curator for some places, and would like to get on more. On the flip side, maybe I know of some you are not aware of, and can let your know about them.

Many thanks for this initiative. It helps a lot of smaller fish feel hope.

I was attached to it when I got a downvote for using Bot :P.
And after that I am working hard to get ++ vote from OCDB but didn't get success till now.
I am not a good content writer but sharing my digital drawing with steps and few lines for viewers to read.
Will it qualified to get your(OCDB) Attention?
Hoping to achieve my Goal Soon or Later ...


Thanks @ocd for this update. will try hard for this. God bless us

Thanks! Keep creating great content!

Thank you sir @anomadsoul. I just do it a few minute ago. God bless you

That is so cool that you are learning German! And what fun travel plans you have. I can’t answer your questions about OCDB, but I will watch for the answers. Just wanted to respond to the personal notes!

Thanks so much Jayna! Hopefully in a few months I'll be able to say we are continent neighbors! :)

I'm sure @ocdb has done a strict procedure. I am very happy to be able to feel the great service of curation done by @ocdb. I will still be determined to be active and continue to be creative. I know that I have to do a post from the results of my own words and while hoping that one day I will be seen and given curation.
Thank you @anomadsoul
Thank you @ocdb
Thank you @ocd
Thank you @steemit
Warm regard from @Indonesia

That closing fragment sounds almost ominous XD

You've done difficult things before, you'll be fine :)

I'm still admiring your ambitiousnessssesesss though XD

You just made me realize that I had written 4 hours a week, I meant 4 hours a day! Fixed now! Thanks so much, it's very ambitious but I'm hoping I'll be able to do it!!!

If anyone can do it you can 🙃

🤣 glad to be useful for something 😋

Great action.....🔥🔥

Wow..a must update for me...I missed about the last delegators curation update and was wondering to withdrew my delegation upon not receiving any return in last couple of days. But now I can take sigh of relief and expect few bucks sooner in my wallet.....🤟🤟🤟......

Thanks you so much for the update information. Happily resteemed and retweet.

Thanks @anomadsoul, you have a great team with amazing initiative. I will definitely keep giving the Steemit community the #posh tags on Twitter and #oc here on Steemit. Thanks for your encouragement. @ocbd, @ocd, keep it up.

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Thank you for the information. Now I know the criterias. If I am here for all 2 years and a half, that ocdb is working, but I never had a vote from it, does it mean that my content is not original and quality? 🙂
What should I improve?

Very an interesting post.
I've never used Twitter. What do I need to do to share my steemit post? Simply specify there a link to the post and put the link #POSH?
Oh, I saw a link to a post describing the actions. Thanks.

Yeah, I'm a little bit confused about the #POSH but as well for the same reason. Perhaps there is an explanation of this elsewhere?

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Exciting news about moving to Austria, but crazy cost of living out there!

I've voted for the onboarding proposal, however I have zero hope that it's going to get anywhere, like the majority of other proposals below gtg's threshold!

I use the OC tag in each of my posts but I have never received support from ocd.

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Thanks for the update, although I have never really questioned the criteria as what I have seen you guys curate has always been super content.

Enjoy the down time with the family :)

Nice. Thanks for the update. I love what OCD team is doing, it's great. Posh initiative is really interesting way to attract more people to join steem.
Good luck for your German C1 level!

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Thank You

Hey Eric! Was so good hanging out with you in Bangkok for steemfest. Gaby and I really enjoyed your company. We are both really impressed with all that you have going on here with OCDB and more.

Thanks for sharing the info in this post, I always wondered how you were working things with your curation. I'll have to start using the oc tag. I just hope my content is good enough to catch an up-vote from time to time. But I'm doing food porn, and everyone I know loves porn! hahaha

I'm still chillin in Thailand on an island in the Gulf, Koh Phagnan. We'll be here until about January 2nd then off to Vietnam. Anyway brother, looking forward to our paths crossing again. Best of luck with your travels and studies (wow! Masters degree in Germany! Very ambitious! So happy for you!)

Have a great day! -Dan "World Travel Pro!" ;)

PS. I just realized I have not voted for you for witness....well, you have my vote now :)