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I decided to write in English, which is not my born language, trying to find better luck here on Steemit, subscribing to a new community called OCD.

I still have to understand about getting whitelisted in this community. I guess I have to use the "ocd" tag.

In the OCD's Discord server I've read:

"Low effort content and spammy behavior will lead to ban from the bot/discord"

What is a low effort content? a short one? I hope not. I usually avoid writing too much. Most of the dreams I have while I sleep are short but meaningful. A content might be short but enjoyable.

What do I want to write about?

I'm still thinking... Daily experiences, self-communion, occasional poetry, science fiction, free writing...

...daily experiences, self-communion, occasional poetry...

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That message is a bit outdated as the bot mentioned there is when @ocdb used to sell votes to whitelisted authors pre-EIP, now it's manually curating. About short content, nothing wrong with that, we adjust the vote % accordingly. Also when posting through the beta site onto our community you don't need to use any specific tags it will land here anyway but if you post from the live site steemit.com you need to use the #hive-174578 tag so that it lands here. :)

Useful knowledge. Thank you.
I guess pre-EIP is something about automatic curation.
I wish you said something about how to be whitelisted 🙄

Hey @toronyor, I think you've raised a good point and one many newer users may struggle with.

For me, I curate for @curangel and @c-squared, I generally look for effort, personality and passion in a post. I also like to learn things so if that element is there, and the others are not, then I may also curate it.

Sometimes that can be found in a shorter post and sometimes not. I've curated a photo with only a few words though at other times I won't, it depends on how I feel about the post. (It's a little difficult for me to explain I guess.)

I can't speak for others, and certainly don't speak for @OCD however if you can add some of these elements into your posts then I think you'll be fine.

Engagement with other users, on their posts, will also help you gain some additional exposure.

Anyway, just a few things that worked for me. I'm no expert and someone else may contradict everything I have said here.

Just have some fun and the rest will shake itself out.

Thank you for the advises.
Engagement with other users. Strong point, I want to do that.

You're welcome mate, keep pushing forward and don't be afraid to ask questions along the way. :)

Congratulations @toronyor!
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Thank you!

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