Somewhere in Mexico

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Somewhere in Mexico
a mother carries her hopeless child in her arms.

The fever does not go down and he is very thin
when he has not diarrhea, he wakes up wet
he is naked, she has no money to buy clothes for him
he does not pass the night, the doctor has spoken.

But she prays,
and pulls the hair off her head.

Her father has told her:

-I told you, that man is not interested in you,
you and your son he has been abandoned-

But she prays
and on the way to church she has stumbled.
she has fallen to the ground like so many times when mopping the floor
and although she did not want it, she has crashed,
but for his son she has already wake up.

And the years go by
she wash other people's clothes,
and sew dresses for others,
and apply injections,
while her son improves ratings,
she has brought to him brothers,
he has found a father for them
a father who sings songs
who always works
and never gets tire
not even without holidays.

And the years go by
her son is now married,
and she finds him sometimes
way to market
and she says to her son:
are you feel in better?
nothing hurts you?

And the years go by
he already turns fifty
that hopeless son.
because his mother has been there.
and has given everything.