Planning hot love in the sauna!

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"Hi All, My name is Jack, and I am going to tell you a real funny story today"! "They call me a "Common Waxbill" and this story is about my more illustrious cousin and his young, wife that are called by the fancy name of "Swee Waxbill".
Come and laugh with us!

Note: Photo description is below each photo!


"But first I want to introduce you to my wife Lily and we took up this seat to watch the show in the sauna below"!


"Right, there below is my cousin Danny-Boy and he is checking out the privacy of the sauna scene"
"They don't want eyes around you know"!


"And here comes Betsy-May, she is very uppity class because of their fancy specie name of "Swee Waxbill".
"Better than us she thinks, as they even have hyphenated names to show everybody their status!"


"So the foreplay starts by them posing as usual to impress each other". I am not jealous, but I think Betsy-May shouldn't be wearing red lipstick in the sauna".
"And she even has Danny-Boy wearing her red lipstick, what a fancy poofter"!


"Oh yeah, the fancy Swee's are real posers"
"We heard Danny-Boy say to Betsy-May; "Okay, let's do it"!


"But Betsy-May is very concerned about hygiene as they are under the virus lockdown, but Danny-Boy not so much as he is more worried about his crypto accounts!


"Bang! Junior arrived happily shouting "Mommy, Daddy, look I can fly"! Hahahaha.
All of their careful plans for a sauna lovemaking session were shattered"!


Lol! "Betsy-May doesn't look happy here, as Danny-Boy took junior to the bird gaming center and now she is all alone"


"Hi, Jack here again and that's the end of my story and I hope that you had a good laugh. The kids of today can certainly spoil so many intimate moments. Hahahaha".

We heard in the president's speech last night that South Africa is in a lockdown that starts on Thursday at midnight. 3 weeks for all to stay at home.
I wonder how many times the story above will be repeated at home Lol.

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and only cropped for uploading purposes.
Camera used: Canon Powershot SX60HD

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Thank you kindly my friend!

You are very welcome! Excellent images and subject matter. :)

Thank you kindly!

These are beautiful images!

Thanks for sharing!

My pleasure to share and glad that you liked the photos.

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Fantastic shots and a post that makes one smile these days is always a great post to visit ;)

Hahaha, I had to be careful with the story line JJ.
But I am glad that it is seen for what it is, only a humorous look at some events, or occasions in life Lol.

I know some can take things far to serious, but I am not one of those ;)

Stay Safe and Healthy

I think at times that we were born serious my friend Lol.

Fun post Sir Stephen. The waxbills are beautiful.

Hubby and I have been in self-isolation for over a week. We have 3 cases on the Island from people who travelled. Only essential stores are open. The message from health authorities. Go home and stay home. It’s one way to keep safe. Social distancing and hand washing emphasized. The news is depressing with the mounting deaths and more expected before this is over.

You and Marion stay safe and be well. 💞

Oh yeah, best to keep yourselves safe and can only be done in isolation.
Our cases here has now jumped to 750 and fortunately no deaths yet.
Tortoise is the name of the game Lol.
Thank you for the care Lady Jo.

Howdy sir papilloncharity! What marvelous pictures to go with that fun story! Great job sir!

Hahaha, that guy Jack sounded a bit jealous to me my friend.
Funny how important names are in life and nobody likes to be called "common" Lol.
Blessings and thank you!

More very cute & colorful birds, and a cute little story! You need to put some hive in your posts my friend. 😅

Hahaha, thank you and already on Hive my friend.