3 positions to make her orgasm

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One of the problems being encountered in every relationship is the ability of both partners to have good sex, when I say good sex, I am not talking about the guy having big penis or the lady having big breast. Everything rolls down to a point where both partners will feel the pleasure of the sexual intercourse(orgasm)


Let me quickly take you through 3 positions that can make your woman orgasm during sex. Research shows that majority of women out there love good sex and always want their man to be good on bed .

Double Doggy Style


The first sex position is what I refers to as double doggy style. This style is most men and women choice out there and can bring orgasm within a short time. In this style, you allow the woman to lie down flat on her stomach with a pillow supporting her pelvis, the essence of using the pillow here is to create an angle that will make her feel the pleasure. What you need to do as a man is to be on top and thrust her from behind.

Missionary Magician


The second sex position is what I called missionary Magician and it is not something new anyway but the basic is what most men used out there. Let me take you through the upgraded version, you allow the woman to lie on her back, then you make use of a pillow yo raise her butt to ensure her pelvis is tilt. Once you are done with that, allow her to raise her leg on your shoulder, you can now thrust her until you get into her g-spot.

Lean Back Cowgirl


The third and the last sex position I will be talking about here is the one I called Lean Back Cowgirl and this is very common to most ladies as well because they always want to be in charge in most cases, they want to be at the top doing the job but men at times always get it wrong with them. When a lady gets on top, she will always do the riding the way she feels like and instead of the normal straight up and down, she grinds and it is always good to allow her control the motion rather than thrusting her.


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My favorite is the HODLER.

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