A piece of my thoughts

in #ocdlast year

I haven't been posting for a while because I went reading all over the place that I could reach. I've went searching for answers about what is going around in this platform.

I'm just one of the smallest part inside this platform if it counts from the steem power or steem or stake or whatever do it called here.

I never really cared about things that I can't understand or as @bengy steembounty questions on his latest giveaway. "Jargon"
It's not my professionalism.

Why am I here?

I'm here because of the chances to get money by exchanging tokens and getting more money by earning more tokens or buying. I have zero knowledge about blockchain or digital currencies. I don't even know how to trade them at first amd I'm still learning about all the tokens floating in my steem engine account.

Why am I still here?

I'm still here because of all the steemians inside this platform. I got the chance to get to know the outside world. How people think, how do they eat, what do they have, a new horizons that I can't explore or travel physically and a lot more than what I already see. I believe there are more. This platforms is a living dictionary, a digital world where I can travel through words and other see through other eyes and learn a lot from a lot of mind.

Who own Steemit?

From the beginning until now, I didn't know. Just recently everyone keep saying that Justin Sun bought steemit, ao I guess he owns it? In my thoughts through my little knowledge, of someone is buying a company it is rare to have only one owner. A few people might have some percentage of share. If that is the case, if it is the case, I believe that I can give my trust to them. Whoever they are. If there are few of them, it suppose to be alright because there will be a few mind with intelligents and hearts with feelings.

What am I hoping for?

Whatever it is that they decide, please don't forget about us down here. The red fishes, planktons and newbies including some minnows. Our vote maybe didn't worth much but our existence sure does worth something.

The whales or witnesses is like a roof to our house that keep us safe from harm from above, The dolphins are like the walls that keep us away from harm from all arounds, the minnows are like the interior keeper that keep inside comfortable for is to live but the planktons, red fishes and newbies are our pillars. There is a lot of them but most went away slowly or broke piece by piece.

Steemit is a place where a lot of us call our digital home. I'm still here and I'm not wishing to see this house collapse slowly.

Let's not forget the house owner, the one who is responsible for our house maintenance. Maintenance is to make our house stay strong as long as we live. Without maintenance, I can't imagine the hardwork to build a new house that can be call home again, the efforts that will be needed and the amount of money that will be used again to build a new one.

As for my conclusion...

I still don't know what is going on around.

  • Will there be and exchange of tokens? I don't know.
  • What will happen to me and my data inside this platform? I'm scared.

I'm ready to lose my steem even though I really really don't want to lose it all but if changes can benefits, why not.

I really don't want to lose the first reason why I came into this platform because I'm not a writer but I became one though not that good and I did earn from my earlier stay.

I also don't want to lose the reason why I stay until now.

Well, everyone could give a share of thoughts I guess. Maybe they'll listen to our concerns. This is a piece of me.


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This platforms is a living dictionary, a digital world where I can travel through words and other see through other eyes and learn a lot from a lot of mind.

Loved that, I see it that way too!

I also hope that the smaller accounts aren't forgotten. Rewards have been very low for us newbies and it seems the whales forget that if we disappear so will the heart of the social media aspect Steem is supposed to provide.


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I don't think they forgotten us. I don't want to think it that way actually 😅 even though my heart does agree with you 😁

I prefer to think that they have so much in hand to keep our home safe for is to live on for a very long time. Maybe once in a while, we'll bump into them. Someday. I hope so.

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