OCD Sportstalk Incubation Curation Update

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This was a big week as the sports tribe moved over the 1000 mark and we are now sitting on 1018 members which is a huge milestone ticked off. Plus 20 from last week which is about our average of late. Realistically if we can double that by the year end and be sitting over 2000 then we are doing a decent job of attracting new users. Just 2 a day or just over is what we need to please everyone keep pushing and looking for opportunities to sign new users up.

The trick to attracting new people is if we make some noise and reply and comment like mad showing there are more users active than their really are. No just kidding just be active and others will be drawn in.

This week was a disappointing week on the curation front as we only managed 11 posts to be submitted to OCD. This is down by a good 50 % and it wasn't from lack of trying on my part. I went back and forth for days hoping that I missed some and I am afraid that was not the case. We have reached a set standard and that cannot be compromised by filling up the numbers with sub standard posts. The devil on my shoulder said submit some more, but I can't as we have come so far.

Please this is open to everyone who writes a sports post and it is not rocket science. A decent length posts using your own words is not too much to ask surely? We have many posts that literally are 150 - 200 words and cannot be submitted as honestly that is like a long comment and doesn't warrant extra rewards. We all know who those users are doing multiple posts daily and I am asking them to reconsider and do at least one decent post.

This week I have guided two old users to improve so I am constantly looking to help others with their offerings. If you are going to write a post my thinking is why not put some effort into it giving yourself the opportunity to be curated otherwise you are wasting your time. We are all here to grow and should be everyone's goal.

Lets hope next week is better than this week and I will start asking more "authors" to at least try with some direct contact on their posts. Those of you taking a break this week, that is not allowed lol and hoping I have some more to read and curate over the coming days. Don't waste @ocd's generous offering to the sports community as we have to make it worth their while at the same time. They have a commitment to their delegators and finding votes is time consuming so please everyone lets see what we can do this week.


It is amazing to reach 1000 users in the community.

I need to try to get better in the interactions in the posts because I am not to comment posts.

That is awesome that we were able to get up over that 1000 user mark. I will admit I need to do a better job of interacting. It is hard when the majority of the posts are either about soccer or Actifit. I often struggle to find content that I want to support. I know that is mainly on me.

This is just the very beginning. We see the stats growing higher in the coming week. Good effort C&C

It's a great development and I also hope to add more value to the community with my posts and activity daily.

I would be more active this nexts weeks comings, I was preparing an expansion for my content, grats for come to 1000 subs!

How do I submit a proposal? I tried to do a longer post just talking about the begining of football in Sweden here

You don't submit anything but just post as per normal and it will be found. I comb the sports tribe every day and try and not miss anything. I am glad you gave me the link though as it makes things easier to find. Looking forward to reading it later on tonight.

Okay then I know, hope you like it. It's far from perfect but I'm learning to become a better writer :)

My Sports Talk phase was such a good time period. I had so much fun making posts about several different sports. I haven’t been in the sports mood here lately, I have phases. Currently is gaming.

I can vouch for the Sports Talk community, it’s full of many different individuals who all have a passion for sports. If my dad and brother ever get back to using their accounts on here, Sports Talk will be the first community the get active in.