The Steem Life: The Lonely Road

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The Steem Life is a series that discusses my journey as a minnow so far and hopefully motivate others.

Previous Episodes:

A moment to Reflect

Looking back at it, I probably should have done certain things differently. The early “success” of my introduction post and a few other tiny upvotes from @mustard and other random steemians got to my head. I was blowing steem faster than I was making it. The price of SBD was a lot higher back then, so those tiny upvotes would suffice considering where I started from.

I was what you’d call a lone ranger, living haplessly in Steem’s cryptospace. I had hundreds of unpublished poems and articles written down in my note that I carried around like a weirdo. Post after post, I plunged them into the community and despite their obvious quality, I started feeling like I wasn’t getting the required attention and upvote I deserved.


I felt hard done by the community; I’d see people drop a single picture and write garbage under it but get big upvotes and there’s me, with all this ability, not getting a piece of the action. Even the random upvotes I use to get from @mustard dried up and in my desperation, I went as far as concocting absurd theories of conspiracies against me. Those were trying times.

The Human Condition

At this point in my adventure, I was dead certain to walk away. The early “success” had left me with a sense of entitlement, I wanted my money and wasn’t getting it. I felt that it was my right to receive upvotes. I joined Steemit at zero cost and instead of appreciating every moment and just looking ahead, I turned into a whiny entitled little shit because posts that I assumed my content were “better” than kept getting better upvotes.


I have many flaws, it’s my human condition. One of my greatest flaws is that I don’t know when to quit. I never give up, even when faced with certain failure, I’ll look for an alternative route or technique. I’m that Snail that would rather finish last then quit along the way in a hopeless race against the Hare. This time, I tried a different approach. Instead of being the lone ranger, I decided to interact with the community and make acquaintances.

This turned to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made since joining this platform. It formed the basis of how I managed to thrive in a system that I believe till today is lopsided in favour of the whales. I can’t whine about that though; it goes without saying that people with higher stake/risk are entitled to higher reward. If you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw into steem, you have to work harder to rise from the bottom.

I’m not yet a whale because I don’t have the means to buy that much steem but Lord knows that if I could, I would buy a shit ton of Steem and power up to the moon.

Being part of this community has taught me many things and one thing I picked up from this phase of my experience was that if you want to make something of yourself in Steem ecosystem or any system for that matter, you have to know people; whether they’re right or wrong, just know people.

Interact with the community, get to know what’s trending and apply your strength judiciously. You could end up being one of the super steemians around the block someday and/or be friends with people like @theycallmedan @surpassinggoogle and other amazing steemians contributing to the community.

The Steem Life is a series of articles that highlight my journey so far and hopefully motivate others.

Previous Episodes:

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Thanks Tomb

Love your series bro, you're about right on everything ! Resteemed!

Thank you for reading bro, I really aprreciate.

It's a big messy community here and nobody is going to notice when somebody new moves into the area. You need to go around and say hello. Put out content and show it to groups until you get to know people. That's how it works and some people can get frustrated when people don't see their genius straight away and give them all the money for it but that's not how life works.

The most successful people in the world combined hard work with their talent to reach the top. That's the message i took away when i didn't see success at the start and like yourself am now in a better position after putting in the graft and building up a profile on STEEM.

I will like to frame these words right here. Thank you so much for your comment.

I've been here two years and seen a lot of the up and downs of STEEM. Been through all of these struggles before so i know the pain. But I love the system and have been watching it evolve into something better over time. We are still a long way from where it needs to be but with communities and SMT's coming in the next hardfork they are getting there.

I'm looking forward to the future of Steem and free speech

I will like to frame
These words right here. Thank you so
Much for your comment.

                 - belemo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You know your talent, I and others have seen your talent, you have put down your roots and now you will grow into a strong tree. Spread your branches wide open and embrace your community :) Tenacity is your strong suit and will serve you well <3

Thanks Tamara, Lovely words there. We will all grow together <3

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I appreciate that we have to work hard at first to get anywhere here. I started just after HF20, and boy did I have to work hard! I think I got my first upvote of any value at around three months of posting nearly every day! Now I'm delighted if a post makes 2stu. That's next to nothing, but I'm here for the peeps. And participating in #pypt will help boost my readership, or so I hope!