#posh goes peak & OCA community curation collaboration

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Hey everyone, some news from the @ocd team today.


We started the #posh (proof of sharing) initiative initially to assist Steemit with traffic and in turn ad revenue generation in hopes it would help them during the bear market and becoming less dependent on dumping Steem. With the recent changes of @justinsunsteemit acquiring @steemit we believe this help is not needed as much anymore and will from now on be encouraging users to share their posts from beta./steempeak.com instead. This will be a gradual change, we will still give higher curation on posts with the #posh link in the comment section no matter the front-end they share from but will be reminding them to switch over to steempeak.com or another independent front-end of their choosing.

As you can probably tell, this is also a move to support the projects that have the Steem blockchain in their best interest but at the same time we are happy to encourage Steempeak sharing as the front-end is amazing and the people running it are some of the most talented and hardworking Steemians we have here today. I'd encourage anyone who hasn't tested out Steempeak yet or their beta site to test it out!

Another thing to mention about SteemPeak which is great for new traffic stumbling upon a shared post is that they offer guest accounts which allow signups from Facebook/Gmail/Github and will enable more functions in the near future until users get their Steem account.

I'll be mentioning another cool feature from beta.steempeak.com at the end of the post that has to do with the collab announcement, so make sure to check it out if you're not sure about steempeak yet. ;)

OCA Collab

Effective immediately we are going to start collaborating with @midlet's community OnChainArt and curate posts there as well. @midlet has joined the OCD Curation team and will be choosing great Art posts from his community to nominate them for curation on the @ocd daily compilation posts. Other than that we will also keep an eye on the community to curate steempeak posts that are shared on Twitter through the #posh initiative like usual. We want to assist other more niche original content communities as well and other than the Steem Gaming Community and SteemDevs Community this will be the next one we will be collaborating with to get it some extra curation!


(screenshot of OCA from beta.steempeak.com)

Go ahead and check out OCA and subscribe

Steempeak Cross-posting feature

As we've mentioned in the past, we understand our community is pretty general and broad with any Original Content being accepted and curated, this is what OCD has always been curating but our goal was never to hog up all posts from other smaller communities and we were hoping for a cross-posting feature.

The good news is that Steempeak has already made this possible!

On their beta site you can now cross-post onto other communities!

At the end of a post, you simply click the three dots, then "crosspost in..." and choose a community and also add a note along with the cross-post if you like. I've been told what this does is it generates a new post of the person sharing with 90% of beneficiaries going to the original creator of the post, 5% going to the sharer and 5% going to the community. To prevent abuse communities can mute posts (and downvote if you feel like it).

This sounds really amazing in my opinion and I can't wait to try it out. I think it will help get posts seen by more people, get the author more rewards and bring the niche communities more traffic and rewards when used correctly. Big thank you to Steempeak for already implementing something like this. Maybe Sun bought the wrong front-end? ;)

Let me know what you think of these changes and what you think of the cross-posting feature of @steempeak! (also don't forget to vote for their witness if you haven't yet!)

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The good news is that Steempeak has already made this possible!
On their beta site you can now cross-post onto other communities!

@steempeak is awesome. Filled with talented people as you said. I've been using it for a good while now. Great to have communities also in Steempeak beta. I better start using that too, affecting immediately. And it's a really good thing that OCD curation team is also supporting the smaller communities. Or OCA at least for starters.

Thank you @OCD and @steempeak for all your hard work and extremely quick moves. I appreciate these two qualities very much.

Agreed Steempeak is awesome. It's some individual users who aren't.

That said I'm going to start sharing steempeak links instead of steemit links. I am supporting the steempeak proposal and encourage others to as well.

Steem is not Tron, Steemit is Tron.

I have a feeling that those who do not rage quit or just power down quietly, those who still are here and continue doing things like before or perhaps more intensively, are going to be an even tighter community than ever. At least that's what I hope.

I feel the same way. Steem is still great and we will be rewarded. I didn't abandon at 12cents I'm not abandoning now. However I don't blame people for hitting the powerdown button. Hopefully they stop if after a week or so and join the everlasting fun on steem (best accessed using steempeak)

I like this post a lot! Especially that cross-posting feature! Good stuff @acidyo. I am glad to see that @SteemPeak is getting the sort of attention it deserves.

Fun that you found the feature we're testing the last couple of days. We'll try to get a post about it asap

Also we're flattered about the #posh initiative ... let us know if there are any features that can help it.

@SteemPeak The ability to auto-post newly posted material to Twitter would be immensely helpful.

Of course it would also be nice to be able to set predefined titles and hashtags for the auto-posting as well.

Something like how https://Dlvr.it does it but since it could be doing it directly from the SteemPeak front-end there is obviously no need for an RSS but hey RSS feeds are handy also!

Ahh steempeak, my favourite front end because all I have to do is wait for a bit and whatever feature I happened to think "this would be so cool if..." will magically appear eventually like someone heard me XD

And yay for OCD/OCA collab, this made me smile externally ^_^ (usdually when I read happy things like this I still only smile internally XP)

It's a great idea to cross-message! I have to take my test! Thanks!

I see I don't have any "crosspost in..." option. 😕
Captura de pantalla 20200219 a las 08.52.52.png

Were you on beta.steempeak.com?

I was on SteemPeak.com 🤦🏻‍♀️I'm still a little confused about all the front-ends, but I'm checking them out. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it!👍

Oh those are some cool features on Steempeak. I will work on getting into the habit of using it :). Us old folks take a while to get used to change LOL.

Honestly there's so much changes coming at us at once and constantly something new happening I think even younger people are getting confused. I'm taking a lot of time to carefully decide on how to handle all these new things moving forward so it'll be as fair and scalable as possible.

You are doing a great job in my opinion. Many interesting changes for sure!! There is certainly a lot to navigate and of course it is hard to see how things will unfold. Time will tell. Keep doing what you do, it is much appreciated.

This seems neat 5% is about right. Hopefully there is a limit though. At some point it will definitely become spammy.

I guess if bots were to start spamming it, even in the right communities, the upvoter can decide to go reward the original post instead if he knows the account is a bot/spammer so they don't get the 5% or might even get a downvote. :)

You can just mute that account from posting in your community.

Thats a great idea @midlet. I think it important that all community Admin's are aware of this to prevent Bot abuse. Perhaps you could write a brief post about doing this to send to all community admin's?

Yeah I'll definitely consider a downvote to blacklisted people doing this with my content. Or people doing it excessively with their own content.
It also seems to fool the autovote programs, lol

I voted for @steempeak. It's a super modern platform with many options. I have not tried cross-publishing but I will start trying. It's a new learning for me. Excellent informative post @acidyo

That's a nice collaboration. Honestly, liking the @posh initiative ever since it started. J.Sun, might see much more things then just Steemit by us doing the Twitter initiative.
While thanks for the cross posting update, haven't tried it yet but will try it out. Changed some witness votes today as well (Not active ones).

Woah, didn't notice the steempeak(beta) crossposting option, sounds awesome!

Yeah, they're really fast. :D had to test it out just now by cross-posting it to the OCA community!

what this does is it generates a new post of the person sharing with 90% of beneficiaries going to the original creator of the post, 5% going to the sharer and 5% going to the community. To prevent abuse communities can mute posts (and downvote if you feel like it).

Let me go make 10 "communities" and circlejerk in them with 10 alts. Brb.

I tried to word it as difficult as possible so google translate wouldn't make any sense.

I think that's a gross underestimation of people's English reading skills.

Yeah totally... big advocate for STEEMPEAK... I'm a peak pusher!!!

This is a new platform for me. I just started trying it. And I found many interesting new options. A lot of new things in recent days. Communities, cross-postings, tribes .. how to figure it all out .. We will continue to poke buttons. Thank you for the work you are doing.

Very informative and sets me in the right direction.. Thank you @acidyo :-)

I like the idea of cross posting.. will be interesting to see how that all plays out. I'll try it on my next post today. Thanks @steempeak!!

OCD/OCA Collaboration??!! Sweet :-D

This is your real face and a big mistake, but this is your choice.

Nice update.
Cross posting is really great.

@acidiyo - my front end of choice is WordPress, except for posts where the topic is of interest only to Steemians for which I use SteemPeak. I do edit from Steempeak because @steempress is still in development. Which brings me back to WP. Will you be engaging with @fredrikaa and @howo with a view to the potential for posting to the beta site and/or communities?

I will also add that the push towards tribes and communities is, for me, a major distraction and is becoming offputting. Why should anyone be compelled penalised because they post from one hive-1234 and not another to join one "community" over another? My interests are pretty eclectic which is why OCD works for me, but I might want to dabble in foodies, natural medicine and a few other things from time time.

Because of all the above, and although I have subscribed to some, I am avoiding getting drawn in.

I admit that with the events of the last few days, I am conducting what @nickyhavey refers to as Operation Ostrich. I will wait to see how things unfold.

All of that said, I do appreciate and like @ocd's initiatives. Thank you.

Tribes and [hive] communties are hard for me to get right as well.

With tags it was so easy to just take 10 different things and hope for upvotes. With communities, it is that much harder.

I guess you can 'cross post' into multiple communities. However I think people should just use whichever community they find most rewarding or friendly or on topic.

I like ocd and phc for 'general content' communities. I'll do one post a week for each.

I know my ocd posts are way better rewarded (they got like 50x more power), but PHC people engage with me more. Also, I feel that if I posted everyday in OCD they probably wouldn't upvote me everyday.

I was even tried starting my own community (mostly to see how it is fone), but no one is there to reward. I may just crosspost or abandon it, lol.

I didn't know you had a community! You need to be onboarding and marketing you never know...

Your point about general groups is exactly my point. I am glad I am not alone in my confusion. 🤦‍♀️

Lol my community will surely be number 1. Maybe I should use bid bots to promote it and threaten people who don't support it with downvotes.

I am more overwhelmed than confused, but yeah I see the problem becoming worse. Some people already having spammy and farming posts. We don't and I would hate to see people just posting crap for collecting their daily vote or whatever. Fortunately OCD is good at catching this, but some aren't or worse don't care.

Lol my community will surely be number 1. Maybe I should use bid bots to promote it and threaten people who don't support it with downvotes.

That's the spirit! :D

And yes, overwhelmed is a better word than confused. I'm better at words when I've been awake a little longer....

Some people already having spammy and farming posts.

Oh dear... I am currently employing operation ostrich and only commenting and following selected people and groups.

We don't and I would hate to see people just posting crap for collecting their daily vote or whatever. Fortunately OCD is good at catching this, but some aren't or worse don't care.

I know, and agree with you. Very glad to have discovered OCD.

Oh, BTW, on a completely different note, I am more than 50% the way through my TEFL course and 70% through completing the first assignment. Passing that yields a certificate. Completion of the course (and passing, of course), another. I had hoped to be done by the end of February, but not sure about that. Steem is having to cope sans posts and only with comments....for the moment.

I'm interested to hear about your TEFL course. Good luck and hopefully, you post about it when you are finished.. I remember doing 3 separate units in mine: methodology, second language acquisition and intercultural communication. Actually, other than the last one which was a little too obvious, I liked it.

Yes, I might well. This has 27 modules. In total, it's a 160 hour course with an assessment and a certificate at the 120 hour point. It deals with all the parts of speech and phonetics up to this point as well as some of the pedagogical stuff which they've integrated quite well. Having written learning programmes and grammar materials, and trained, I'm looking at things quite critically.

Some of the stuff we have to do for this assessment, if one does it properly, will stand one in good stead afterwards. I've also been able to choose the applied parts of the assessment assignments to jive with my chosen direction - working with adults, in a business context and I'm also taking the approach that I'll be teaching online and without a black/whiteboard. Consequently, the lesson plan component is taking a lot longer than it probably should.

Don't blame you. ;)

Thanks for the support from the posh initiative!

Better idea

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