Coffee philosophy

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Good evening, back to my private block. This time I will go back to writing a little about various people's views on a drink that can make someone addicted to it. It's coffee.


Coffee is a drink that comes from a plant seed called coffee. In today's mada coffee has been experimenting with all kinds of flavors and other varieties. Whether it's color, mixture, taste or other fermentation. Not only is it about the fantastic taste of coffee, it also makes different people enjoy it. We have found various ways of serving coffee in today's era. Whether it's traditional or modern. Maybe it's a glimpse of the coffee. However, this time I don't want to talk about the taste of the coffee or where the coffee was found. But I will try to see from the other side about people's views of coffee in their daily lives. How do they respond to coffee?


Many groups of people really like coffee, but they have their own reasons why they can become addicted to enjoying coffee. Call it Taufik, a friend of mine who really likes to enjoy coffee every day for him coffee is not just a delicious drink. However, he has his own reasons for the drink. He considered coffee as an energy that could arouse his passion for work or activity. Indeed, some of us seem strange and may not make sense, but all of that is proven by his daily life that he never does not enjoy coffee before or after doing an activity, for sure he always enjoys the drink. From this we can illustrate how the positive nature and positive energy that is released from the coffee brewing to the connoisseur. Although some other people see coffee as an ordinary drink that doesn't have any meaning, I believe there are still many people out there who are coffee lovers who have the same reason as my friend, Taufik. Yes, that gives an idea for us that coffee is full of philosophical meanings contained in it, whether it's hard-line connoisseurs or just enjoying it.



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