Small Waterfall.

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Hello Friends.

In this post I am sharing photographs of beautiful waterfall. In this photograph I try to capture formation of cloud with mountain and waterfall.

IMG_1447 44.jpg
This photograph is taken from Canon EOS 1300D F/8 Focal length 18mm.

These are some of my good photographs of waterfall. I like these photographs very much. I am so happy to share it with you. I hope you like these photographs too. This photograph is taken during the Valley of Flowers trekking. This valley is full of the beautiful flowers and Green nature. This can be seen in above photographs. This place is the heaven on earth with full of beautiful flowers. Valley of flower is located in the Chamoli District Uttarakhand state India. Height of this valley is 3300 to 3650 meters above sea level.

If you like these photographs then please upvote and comment on it so your comment will inspire me to share more good photographs.

Thanks for visit.


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