Shadow on the mountain.

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IMAG0433 11.jpg

Hello Friends.

In this photograph we can see blue sky with full of white clouds and Beautiful mountains. This photograph is telling the real beauty of Landscape view. The mountain with snow on edge makes this photograph beautiful. This photograph is taken during on the way ladakh with friends. We can see Beautiful Mountain in this photograph. The shadow of clouds makes beautiful view. This is god make nature which is incredible. It is Fresh clear and awesome weather over there.

IMAG0429 22.jpg

In this photograph I try to capture the Blue sky with beautiful white clouds and Mountains all around. It makes this picture beautiful. Also try to cover Snow on edge of mountains. This photograph is the mirror of above photograph but there is only difference is the angel of capture. This is the real nature beauty of landscape photography.

IMAG0431 33.jpg

In this photograph I try to capture the shadow of clouds on mountains. This shadow makes these mountains beautiful. I am sharing some more photographs from different angles. I hope you like these photographs.

IMAG0434 44.jpg

In this photograph I try to capture the shadow on the mountain. Roads are looks so tiny and beautiful. In last photograph I try to capture the people. They are looks so tiny in front of mountains.

IMAG0432 55.jpg

This photograph is taken on the way of ladakh with my friends. We the team of 5 friends had the best adventure experiences in the Land of High Passes. We started our journey From Manali on Bike to Ladakh. It is located in Jammu and Kashmir State, India. We can feel beauty of mountains in these photographs. I like 1st photograph most from all photographs it describing the beauty of landscape view. I will share more photographs of this trip on my next blog. I hope you enjoy this photograph.

These photographs are taken from HTC One f/2 Focal length 4mm.

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Impressive! Very beautiful nature. In the mountains you feel so small, insignificant. Mountains are charged with energy and strength. Great prospect!