Small of size Big of heart

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Hi there Steemians.

So this little guy is called Benji and he is my little trooper of a doggy, haha he might be small but he sure has the worlds determination to keep going and going. The story goes as, we were sitting outside enjoying how the horses come say goodnight, and we had this mole coming to say hi this last week aswell. Luckily we love on a farm so we dont actually see it as a pest coming to ruin the garden.. Seeing that we dont have one. None the less this mole started making a exit hole right infront of this little guy and it was something this doggy has never seen before, the ground pushing up and out infront of him. And like he always has to.. He started digging and barking with so much passion to find out whatt this is thats underneath our feet. Hehe I doubt he will ever find the mole but when he got the scent of the mole he knew something was up.

Well the size of the hole he dig is about the size of him by now. The day before the cats wanted to get at the mole, but our cats are lazy and they got bored of it too quickly. Also they didnt dig a hole that size.

Benji might even continue digging tomorrow, he regularly comes to get someone to just sit with him as he digs and waits in anticipation. Haha but the way he sticks his head in the hole... Gets a scent.. And then starts digging like a maniac is the sweetedt thing ever. Just look at that cute proud little face of him. Oh not to mention thay he was bathed the night before and now he is a total mess again, but I aint even mad at him haha and he knows it.

In the last photo of him you can see some of the other animals we have on the farm just chilling there by him totally oblivious to ehat he is doing. Well except the other small doggy called goofy, now him and goofy are big buddies if its not the one instagating something its definitely the other one.

Just look at this little buggers face, since me moved from the city to the farm he has been exploring everyday, he is enjoying the farm life so much, although he should not go exploring by himself and thats what he does, if we give him enough gap he is out of the yard and into the field running through muddy water and tall grass jumping with each step to see where he is going, trust me its quite the view haha almost like a jumping jack.













***Oh before I forget my daily photography of a super beautiful cloud and those one in a million sunsets




I actually missed the photo I was running to get, I was walking outside and half the sun was peaking out behind that hill, I rushed in to go get my android device but wheb I got back I was too late by 2 seconds but fear not tomorrow I will get the photos and perhaps make a timelapse video of the setting sun.



I hope you guys and gals enjoy the photos and have a truely amazing weekend. Stay safe people and mad love.

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Hahaha, instantly loving Benji, what a fun and cute dude! Great that you take the time to go out and chill with the animals, its good for the soul.


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Haha thnx for the meaningfull comment @fenngen he is something else.. Usually these dogs get pampered up daily but this little guy grew up with the big dogs xD... I think sometimes he doesnt realize how zmall he actually is xD... I have mad love for him he gets me and I get him..

Much love and stay blessed brother.

Hahahah, that's good! Better to be unaware of your size so you don't limit what you can do.

Haha thats very true hey... Will power is stronger than muscles 😂💪 well mostly😜

You should see this little guy running in the field. He is literally jumping up straight every step he takes just to be abke to see where he is going 🤣🤣😜

Where there is a will there's a way they say

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Once again thank you sir

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